Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Busy Day

But this time, not as heart-attack inducing as last week's.

So please. No worries, no concern. I'm gonna be jesssst fine. :)


We've decided to have another open house this Sunday afternoon. After speaking with our realtor, we concluded that it couldn't hurt to have more signs go up on the surrounding roads, and have more foot traffic than we'd have otherwise had.

So. For all of you who've been pining to see my abode, but who I've never let in the front door?

Now is your chance.

And for all of you looking for something to do with your Sunday afternoon? I'm going to be out of the house for 3 hours... looking for suggestions.

Anyone? Anyone?


Also moving forward is the wife thing.

As all of you know, we're trying to get this done as soon as possible, for all of our sakes. And a step or two was taken today that will make that possible.

Viva lawyers!


Good day job-wise, too... but I shan't talk about it here. You never know who might be lurking... and I wouldn't want to bore. ;)


It's eleven months away, but Wing Bowl is never far from my thoughts.


There are some people, it seems, who are not in favor of Daniel Craig's recent installment as the new 007.


Jenny Lewis + Sarah Silverman + Hee Haw = video goodness.

Check out "Rise Up With Fists."


guns n' roses - madagascar
new order - blue monday
people in planes - if you talk too much (my head will explode)
sam and dave - hold on, i'm coming
the streets - when you wasn't famous


the onion radio news - "jerry lewis undergoes emergency gefloigel surgery"

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Love People in Planes