Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another Sunny Day

I've got a new review up at Harmonium, this time of the new Belle & Sebastian album.

I'm hesitant to even tell you about it, though, because I tried something different this time, and I'm not sure that *I* even like the finished product all that much.

If it sucks, if it's corny, well, how many people will even see it? I'll chalk it off as "writing exercise" and forget about it quickly.

Whatever. Forget about my review. The album is great. Buy it.


It's not great, but this short video is a testament to the professional in Keith Richards. Be sure to read the description of what was going on.


On another note...

Tomorrow is Wing Bowl!!!.

... and I'm going to miss it.

I have an eye doctor's appointment, that I'd scheduled months ago (when Wing Bowl, believe it or not, was not on my mind).

I am very, very bitter.

Anyway, you can see the official odds here, learn more about the competition here, and listen tomorrow morning from 6-10am in my honor (the stream is available on the main page of the 610 WIP site).

I guarantee you, it will be pretty funny. If you go to the same page later in the day, or to the Inquirer's sports page later in the day... results and pictures will be posted.

Because he posted here a month or so ago, for some strange reason, I'm putting my weight behind 75:1 favorite (!) Hungry Hungry Hebrew. Go get 'em, ya fat mensch.

note: After watching your video, you look to be 50 lbs lighter than me. Allow me to formally and publicly apologize for infering that you were a complete and total slob.


I don't know how many of you have been following Donovan McNabb's recent series of comments... but my God... the Eagles quarterback has officially jumped the couch.

Much like the incoherent ramblings of everybody's favorite Scientologist/Anti-Psychologist/Nutjob/Sometime-Actor, Donovan is muttering about his own team's support of Terrell Owens, how difficult leadership has been, and... er... the "black on black crime" inflicted against him. I can't even collect the links or stories here (OK, that's a bit of a lie)... but it seems that everytime I've turned on the TV or radio this week, I've heard something new, about how persecuted he is.

Given that much of the talk focuses on Philadelphia and Philadelphia players? I imagine lots of sympathy.



Speaking of football... isn't it about time you started putting your money behind the Seahawks?


To wash the bad taste out of your mouth regarding yesterday's post-- the one concerning the lawsuit-- I heard about something much, much better last night.

Someone is planning something that, if properly executed, could be fucking hysterical. For even thinking of the idea, let alone beginning to execute... all praise to you.

As usual.

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