Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bullets, Scattered

I'm not 100% positive, but I think that today marked the first time that a band has e-mailed me directly, requesting some Harmonium love.

Seems that Kevin from the band Division Day found my page via the always-excellent Gorilla vs. Bear, connected some dots, and asked for attention.

Well, Kevin, you're going to get it... though I can't promise you when it's going to come. Hopefully, within the next few weeks. I've got a lot going on right now... but I'll certainly try my bestest. Thanks for asking, and for checking out our site.

And hey, kid?

Thanks for reading. ;)


Speaking of Harmonium, a new message board launched this week for staff members-- organizing the record reviews and live show reviews we've got coming up, asking for site tips, etc...

Maybe it's just me, but... does it seem like we're taking some legit steps forward?

I mean, Ryan might be seeing Sigur Ros... I might have Ted Leo/Rx and/or Stars tickets coming my way... can a backstage pass to a Malkmus show really be that far off???

Anyway, a big thank you to Jed, balding Ryan and anyone else who might have had a hand in developing the board. It's going to be a big help as things continue to grow and move forward.


It's nothing to do with anything, but Stereogum just linked to the Arcade Fire's heartwarming performance from several months ago on a New York street corner, some hours after midnight. I'd forgotten all about it.

Completely unannounced, completely random, Win, Regine & Tim covered "Age of Consent," "Boys Don't Cry," and a few other tasty nuggets, if memory serves.

They're so damned great. I mean, really-- when's the last time you saw Bono busking at 3am?

Don't answer that.


I hate this. Looks like Patch Adams and Mrs. Doubtfire have a new member of the horrendous movie family.

Oh, Cheryl... why???


I love this. Putting someone that is fat, orange and bald in the booth screams TV magic.


And predictably, I love this most of all.


Hot on the heels of their announced integration of an IM feature... now Gmail offers this somewhat creepy feature, called Off the Record.

I don't know how I feel about it, though if Gmail continues to implement these innovations, I might decide to forego my Hotmail account forever and take the plunge.

So many changes, so little time.


Gotta cut it short, as someone is coming over to take a look at the house tonight at 7pm. Weird that they're interested in viewing the house (a) on a weeknight, (b) when it's pitch-black outside.

Maybe it's a sign.

Keep your fingers crossed, everybody!

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Ryan Irvine said...

there's no maybe about it. i am seeing sigur ros. this sunday. they sent my tickets UPS last week. 13th row. am trying to see ted for free as well.