Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Different Names for the Same Thing"

... sounds like Phil Collins. I love it, anyway.

On with the show... special "Picture Pages" edition!

1) Chuck Norris facts are still funny.

They might need to go on the Wallace and Gromit/Young Ones/Fool on the Hill list... if only temporarily.

2) I'm loving Ear Farm's "8+" feature, and as always, Stylus' "Playing God" column. The latter, in particular, lets me know that there are plenty of people out there who think about these things far more than even I.

Believe it, or not.

3) Store-bought miso soup-- even if said soup comes from the all-powerful Trader Joe's-- it just ain't the same. I should have known better, and, well, I paid the price.

Disgusting. Consider that lesson... learned.

4) Had someone visit the house today. I have no idea how serious this person might have been, although I came back to see them sitting in their car... for ten minutes-plus, on the phone with someone.

Our realtor has heard nothing yet... but this was a promising development, and came out of nowhere. In fact, the realtor called me and asked if she could come over in 10 minutes.

I asked for 30, so I could neaten up. And I got 30... because I am a master negotiator.

5) Books currently out of the library: A Long Way Down - Nick Hornby; Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell; and Shalimar the Clown - Salman Rushdie.

I'm giving the Hornby book a chance despite its completely ridiculous premise. My hope is that Hornby is talented enough to make the flimsy substantial. He did that with High Fidelity... but then again, that book could have ended 100 pages before it did.

6) The Yeah Yeah Yeahs could blow up big this Spring. Like, Top 40-style. If they want to, that is. If you haven't heard new-possible-single-who-knows "Gold Lion" yet... it's (a) awesome and (b) bound to get stuck in your head.

But in a good way. Trust me-- there are worse bands that could stick there.

(this was the most palatable shot I could find on short notice)

7) Monday will mark the final podcast for Ricky Gervais & crew. At least for a while. They've spoken of doing another round of 12, which would be great, but damn if I haven't learned to look forward to Monday mornings over the past few months.

Seek it out and get it, already. It's free, I tells ya.

8) I miss Jayson Stark's old columns. There. I said it.

9) This is the coolest thing. Might have to drop some coin.

10) Meeting people is easy... if you've got skills.

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