Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fame vs. Dignity

If Sharon Stone were any... um... "oogier," she'd be Kim Cattrall.

As for me? I liked her best when she wasn't in the camera shot at all-- it was the time that her husband was getting his toe chomped on by a komodo dragon. Remember, kids?

Anyway, this link is definitely not safe for work: the adults-only, internet-only trailer for Basic Instinct 2 (what-- you didn't know this was coming?).

It couldn't possibly be Showgirls bad, could it?


On the same page, you'll find a Benny Hill overdub of the trailer, that seemingly came out seconds after the trailer was released.

It makes the eyes burn a little less... but only slightly.


If you need to be cleansed afterwards, might I suggest this?

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