Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here Is a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor


Good morning, y'all. Did that weekend go by entirely too fast, or was it just me?


1) We had one person come by the house all weekend. Not to be melodramatic and call that a "disaster," but we are very disappointed.

2) Does anyone know whether the Olympics are still going on?

3) Steph is coming in next weekend! Huzzah!


Glad you're back, Ryan. I don't know where you were, necessarily, but I'm glad you're back, anyway.


That noise you heard?

Radiohead fans passing out, collectively. Now, we've heard this all before... so I'll believe it when I see it on the album, in my greasy little hands. But this is good news, indeed.

Such. A. Dork.


Please download Eugene's three phone calls.

You like to laugh, don't you?


English majors of the world... unite and take over.

Or, just put a list together. Your choice.


Today's weird(est) link might be this one. And strangely enough, it actually works for a good number of songs. "Happy Birthday," I think I tried "Satisfaction,"... anything mainstream has a shot.

It missed "Cut Your Hair," but what are you gonna do?


1) Chris Evans is still a twat.

2) Holograms are only so cool after awhile... if they were ever cool to begin with.

3) Enormous children's choirs (singing about guns), though? Can make a "meh" performance into a vaguely memorable one. And kids enjoying themselves is always a cool thing, right?

Because I can't post enough about Gorillaz... check out "Dirty Harry," performed live at last week's Brits, here.


This almost makes me wish I lived in New York.

Random rules, huh?


Quick clip from Kimmel, on the Cheney thing.

I'm still laughing, even though we're long past the expiration date on this thing.


Finally, the most disturbing clip, this time from Wonder Showzen. If it freaks you out ... well, it should. That's what it's there for.

But that doesn't mean it's not amusing in its utter weirdness.


Ta for now.

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