Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey, Megan?

Why are you so goddamned fixated on me?

Apart from the obvious reasons? :P


Now, I know you (and I'm talking to all of you, now) have lives.

But this Friday night marks what will possibly be the final 4 episodes of Arrested Development. And while I've moved on to Entourage and Lost in recent months... Arrested Development might be one of the best comedies, ever.


So even if you've never seen minute one of the show... do yourself a favor and watch (or tape) this Friday night's marathon, from 8-10pm.

I promise you, you won't be disappointed.


So far, Destroyer's Rubies and The Life Pursuit are second only to the Ricky Gervais podcast in the "love of my life (2006 edition)" department.

If you haven't listened... you might want to get in on that.

And hey, fellow Tribesmen? It's FREE!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the foul language of my earlier comment (and superbowl text messages). I have very strong feelings about the Seattle-Tacoma area and its residents. Jill told me you were supporting Seattle and I couldn't let it be.

Now on to more exciting topics: Gambling within the Flyers players - former players - execs???? Gretzky's wife? Will this be a bigger scandal than baseball steroids? I just loooove a good scandal!

David said...

Not a problem, Megan. It was worse when I had no idea who you were. :)

I don't think I told Jill I was supporting Seattle, by the way-- I'm an Eagles fan, and just don't care enough about any other teams. I probably told her that I was picking them to make it a closer game than most were prediciting... and that if things broke well, they could even pull it out.

On another note, I've been istening to Philly sports radio this morning, and I've learned two things:

1) Everyone loves Rick Tocchet, and

2) No one is outraged, the way that people are/were about steroids.

Still, it'll have some serious legs... other people involved include Lemieux, Roenick, Leclair... some pretty big names in the sport, already, and more will be announced, soon.