Monday, February 06, 2006

In-Between Good and Bad News

I got a call from our realtor today, who said that he was in the neighborhood and wanted to drop by the place. This was a good thing, as I'd been meaning to ask him a few questions relating to the (non-)sale of our house.

Our place has been on the market for a month, now. And while people have been interested enough to come by every weekend, more or less... they haven't been interested enough to make us an offer.

Now ordinarily, we'd be patient, and stand pat... but there have been four "comparable" houses that have sold in our area during the last month.

Which, as the realtor said, means that we need to take action.

So, at his recommendation... we're lowering our price. Not by a ton, but by a significant enough increment to (hopefully) assure some increased attention.

We've apparently gotten a few nibbles... but mostly from indecisive couples. Hopefully, this "sale" will push them over the tipping point.


You'd think that this price reduction would bum me out, except for the fact that, as he said... that money was never ours. We're not losing it, because we never had it to begin with. So there's no reason to be upset.

Not really.

I asked him if this would smell like a "desperate" move that would look bad to prospective buyers... but he said absolutely not-- that amongst realtors, it signals that we are aware enough to react to market conditions, and adjust our property's price accordingly.

Anyway. Anything that helps this place go sooner... is a good thing.

Keep your fingers crossed.


My first purchase, once I get that phat check? Right here.


When I looked at this page, earlier this morning, I thought to myself-- that may be the greatest tease to a story I've ever read. That first sentence... is... what's the word? Tantalizing.

I don't have to tell you that the promised story wasn't even close to newsworthy or exciting, do I?

Damn you for getting my hopes up, Peter King!


This man has wasted a lot of our time, huh?


And finally... because we didn't hate A-Rod enough already... THIS IS AWESOME, BAYBEE!!!

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