Monday, February 06, 2006

No, It Wasn't Just You

What a boring, forgettable game.

Sure, Seattle has a right to complain a good bit about the completely one-sided officiating. But if their tight end would have caught more balls than he dropped... perhaps no one would be talking about the refs. Seattle could have won that game, had they even played 50% as well as they were capable.

But, as Wilbon said this morning:

"It was probably a fitting victory for an NFL season that was mostly unspectacular, though there is still nothing but praise for the Steelers, who fought back from a difficult midseason to not only reach the playoffs but win three straight games on the road before arriving in Detroit for what amounted to a coronation."

So, yeah, credit to the Steelers for their final four games. But I'm here to let you know-- you're not alone in having a sour taste in your mouth this morning.

The commercials, the Stones, the game... at least the chili was good.


First person to find an mp3 of Al Michaels dropping an "f" bomb on national TV, by the way... I'd appreciate it.


Still wondering what happened to my long post from Saturday, by the way. That shouldn't happen.


Say, have you ever heard of Nacho Libre?


Anonymous said...

some entertaining reading:

ok, I'm 100% biased about this. Seattle is a small town with tall buildings full of whiny little bitches. Pretentious assholes, hippies and some fucking junkies = Seattle residents. Fuck the Seahawks and fuck the Mariners. KEXP *has* some good points but it's Paul Allen tainted so fuck that too.

Questionable officiating or not, Pittburgh Steelers deserved to win and they did so the assholes of Seattle can return to their sad little waspy lives. They can eat shit and die.

David said...

Er... OK... whoever you are.

The only reason I'm not deleting your comment is because you mentioned KEXP, Mr. Pottymouth.

Please feel free to visit any time, but remember: you are a guest. Try to act all respectable-like, next time.

Jill said...

not to tattle or anything, but that was Megan. the same person who left you the similar text message...