Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Things are spinning again, super fast, and on all fronts. I think I need to take a step back, rather than making any decisions on:

1) current home
2) future apartment
3) attorney/proceedings
4) career status
5) women

This week sees much potential energy... not enough kinetic, if you get what I'm saying.

Not yet, anyway.


On another note, a more comfortable one for me, allow me to direct you to the newest link over there on the right--> the horribly titled "Ear Farm."

On it, you will find:
(1) an almost unspeakably awful/great Valentine's Day Mix,

(2) a CSI-worthy expose on whether Guns 'n Roses new album is actually coming out (gasp) next month, and

(3) live shows by the Decemberists and Pulp, among others.

Check it out. Give the site some love. It's got lots of goodness going on.


I think I need a life consultant, right about now.


You ever have a favorite song, that you've sung privately, at the top of your lungs, for years and years and years?

And that song just means the world to you?

Only to find that you had the words wrong?

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RN2B said...

what's that special song... i know... its a shame about ray, right?!