Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shaken, Stirred

I heard something odd today. Turns out that someone I know has been sued for sexual harrassment.

Don't ask me who it is-- I won't say a word-- but it is interesting to me how it shook me, and how it is coloring my view of this person.

Now granted, it's not someone I know all that well... but I'm disappointed nevertheless.

I'd like to think "innocent until proven guilty" and all that. And truth be told, I don't know what the outcome of the suit was. But... my view of this person has changed.


Back to more comfortable material.

Looks like Nashville over California. What say you, friends? Take a look at the lineup, and ask yourself-- would you care to join me on a journey south?

I know that Pazz and Jop Champ-win Kanye's probably not gonna be able to join us... but that's OK.


Links for Jeff, links for Chris, links for me.


And a special bonus link for our friends at the IRS.


Got a long newsletter to do tonight-- a co-worker is proofing the feed right now before I enter it in. Feel free to give me a call, and break up my evening.


Netflix possessions:

Corpse Bride
March of the Penguins

Seems as though all of the A-list stuff was out of stock, huh?


godspeed you! black emperor - storm
magnet - the pacemaker
stars - sleep tonight
raconteurs - steady as she goes
rob dickinson - black metallic (live)

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