Saturday, February 11, 2006

You Missed It, Didn't You.

I don't even have to ask.

Even though I warned you in advance, and gave you The Final Countdown, I know that you didn't watch the final four episodes of Arrested Development last night.

Well, a big wag of the finger to you, then. There's a reason that people who know the show are so damned fanatical about it: last night's two hours were amongst the best the show has ever had to offer, and...

Forget it.

You're not listening. But someday-- someday you'll Netflix the show, and you'll quickly realize that I was right all along. That it was one of the funniest, one of the greatest TV shows... OF ALL TIME!!!

Many links can be had from this post. It catches maybe 10% of all the My Name is Earl in-jokes, Family Ties and/or Saddam Hussein references and possibly-incestuous jaw-droppers that you would have seen, if you weren't busy watching the Olympians from Luxembourg march in to the stadium.

Fools. You'll never know that George Bush doesn't care about black puppets.


My pre-blizzard activity this morning? I bought myself a nice suit, a shirt, and a few ties.

I got a good deal, too, and (even more importantly) turned down the black suit that made me look like a third-rate blackjack dealer.

Thanks for the sartorial tips, Teso.


Say what you will about Michael Scott... but he "gets it." A sampling of his unspeakably awesome iTunes playlist:


Speaking of none of this, here's your gateway drug, of sorts (here, actually), to all the crap I bring to you... and all the crap your co-workers bring to you... and all the crap your parents bring to you...

VH-1's Web Junk separates the crap from the chaff, if you will, so that you don't have to. And they sometimes resurrect the clips you've long since forgotten (not really), like the bear who got shot out of a tree, and fell onto a trampoline.

Best. Clip. Ever.


Sorry. This might actually be the best clip ever.

Wait, what???


Speaking of animals, did you see that Al Michaels was traded for a cartoon bunny?


All this Chuck Norris hoo-hah... I don't know if it was started by Conan O'Brien, but he certainly perfected it.

Ignore the first fan-made montage... but the five Conan clips that follow are absolutely priceless.


Lastly, leave it to the Onion to tell the future.

Item! This miracle product will someday feature prominently in an absolutely wonderful series of Super Bowl advertisements!

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