Monday, March 20, 2006


First of all, big thanks to Kevin from Division Day for the nice note and the link to my Harmonium review of The Mean Way In EP.

Again, highly recommended.


South By Southwest (or "South By," if you prefer) seems to have come and gone, and I missed every stinkin' second of it.

Much like this year's Sundance Film Festival, it sounds like a lot of people were tired of the volume... both in terms of size and noise. Things apparently grew more corporate than ever, and...

What the hell am I talking about?

1) I wasn't there.

2) I wish I had been.

3) It sounds like it was absolutely incredible. If I'd only ponied up the money to go to Austin, I could have seen one of Tapes 'n Tapes' 327 shows. Or Wayne Coyne rolling down the street in his big ball. Or the Beasties playing a secret show. Or the Go! Team (only two years late!).

4) But instead, I stayed in Alexandria, and did next to nothing. So... I'm just jealous.


If you think I'm crying about Terrell Owens (and his new rap, which is more about his new contract than his new teammates) joining the fucking Cowboys, you're sadly mistaken.

Good riddance.

I'm more concerned about the Eagles. With or without T.O., they're looking like the fourth-best team in a four-team division. And Owens can catch as many touchdowns against the Birds and do as many dances as he likes... it doesn't change the fact that our own locker room-- our current roster-- has tons of question marks.

So he can dance if he wants to.

I couldn't care less.

Though I do reserve the right to gloat when the whole thing goes up in flames. Let's hope that takes place in, oh, I don't know... late October?


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jed said...

a close friend tells me that bradley and pitt had their scores displayed as "brad pitt" in this weekend's game. you're a sports nut...tell me you can find a screen cap of that.