Friday, March 17, 2006

Dragon Day

As Steph reminded me this morning, in addition to being St. Patrick's Day, today marks something far more important... Dragon Day.

From the Cornell website:

"Dragon Day began in 1901 by architecture student Willard Straight, the annual spring parade plays out the long-standing rivalry between architecture and engineering students. First-year architects build a multi-story dragon and parade it with great fanfair from Sibley Hall to the Engineering Quad, and then to the Arts Quad where it is consumed in a spectacular and roaring bonfire."

This blurb fails to mention that everyone gets tanked beforehand, dressing in weird-ass costumes... and the fact that the engineering students attempt to destroy the dragon as it is paraded around. Whether by snowballs, beercans or... anything they can get their hands on, really, it doesn't matter. It's wonderfully dangerous.

The architects tend to work on the dragon in secret for months leading up to its unveiling and processional.

I think it has since been made illegal, but I seem to remember the dragons from my four years at Cornell were "functional"-- not only did their wings flap, but they breathed fire. God's honest.


Well, March Madness started off great for me... I hit on 7 of the first eight games.

Then I proceeded to get crushed in the evening's set.

Thankfully, I only lost 2 from my sweet 16 (Syracuse and San Diego State, my upset special)... but I'm frightened of today's games, now. I'm sure that Duke, Texas, UConn and Villanova will all lose, and my bracket will be officially busted.

Weeping aside, yesterday was full of incredible basketball... the BC, Tennessee and GW games, in particular. Jay and I were all but screaming at the television at some of the plays and runs in the GW game, which was an amazing game to watch.

Speaking of which... thanks, Jay, for the Freaks and Geeks set and the CDs. You are a gentleman and a scholar.


I love that Morrissey "triggered gasps from the audience" with this little announcement.


It's Bez's world, we just live in it.


Lollapalooza looks strong this year. God forbid Radiohead is one of the acts they're threatening to add... I'll hitch to Chicago.


Anyone want to join me?

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