Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gone Fishin'


Not dead-on, but close enough. Give me a break.


Anyway, I'll be out of the house and away from my beloved computer tomorrow morning, from about 9am 'til noon. Our buyer (otherwise known as "the most amazing person in the entire world") is coming by for the home inspection.


Which means that someone seems to be pretty excited about this place, or so sayeth our realtor, anyway. Let's hope the inspection doesn't turn up any of the dead bodies littered around the grounds.


To continue the "good news" theme... I already found a place to live!


And... AND... I found out late this afternoon that my application has already been approved!!!

I am pleased to announce that I will be living in the city of...


I'll be moving into Courtland Park Apartments on April 8. Very, very excited.


Last note of interest (to me):

Just as Rolling Stone and Spin and Alternative Press (arguably) were once the must-reads for music dorks, Filter is today. Or, at least, it's a leading contender, along with Magnet (the magazine, not the band) and a handful of others.

Look who they mention first-- FIRST!!!-- in their links section!

Scroll down to "Friends of Filter," fool.

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