Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Recap

Before the show started last night, I saw this.

No joke here... I just wanted to point out that the apocalypse is upon us.


Latest festival I want to attend: Day 2 of the O2 Wireless Festival in the UK.

The Who (Live at Leeds again, geddit?)
The Flaming Lips
Super Furry Animals

And probably more bands to come. Sweet Jesus. It's Sunday, June 25th if anyone wants to come with.


Here's the teaser for Rocky Balboa. It shows less than nothing... but you might be curious.


And one last thing... here's the Natalie Portman clip from Saturday Night Live that everyone is allegedly talking about. Not as good as "Lazy Sunday," but what are you going to do?


Unlike Tom Shales and his absolutely brutal column in this morning's Washington Post, I thought last night's show was fairly enjoyable. Stewart was, as predicted, a bit rough around the edges... but going from liberal and edgy to Leno-safe is a hard thing to do. I hardly thought he was terrible.


Now we know why they put those hedges there... to run interference.

Hey! Hey you! Get your hand off of Stacy Hamilton's chest!!!


Best of last night?

*** Three 6 Mafia's win and celebration (in spite of a horrendous performance), followed by Stewart's thoughts on a "dreidel-off" that would have to take place between the group and Yitzhak Perlman.

*** Stephen Colbert's "best actress" and "sound editing" commercials. Cribbed from The Daily Show and elsewhere, sure, but these were obviously the funniest bits of the night. I will likely have these clips available by the end of the morning.

*** Wallace and Gromit's big win. Of course.

*** 60-year old Dolly Parton absolutely nailing her song from Transamerica, and getting a bunch of hippie liberal scum to shout "amens" and "hallelujahs." Undeniably a great performance.

*** George Clooney, still the coolest man on the planet. Before falling asleep, I saw him at the press conference afterwards, and the man... he just owns.

*** Ben Stiller, literally going balls-out in his green unitard, demonstrating Best Visual Effects or something. Ben is much more tolerable when he's delivering the jokes, rather than being the straight man...

*** Stewart noting that, "for those keeping track, that's Martin Scorsese-- zero Oscars, and Three 6 Mafia-- one."

*** Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep. If you saw it, then you know.

*** Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman doing what they do, towards the end of the night.

*** The legitimately loud reaction to Crash being named Best Picture. All the screen shots of humorless Heath Ledger (and Joaquin Phoenix, for that matter) throughout the evening made me mildly pleased that Brokeback lost.

Worst of last night?

*** Music playing behind every acceptance speech. Annoying and distracting.

*** Clips, clips, clips, clips, clips. And a marquee-sized mistake.

*** Lauren Bacall struggling through her speech. Whether she was simply having a hard time reading the teleprompter or whether it was something else... it was borderline heartbreaking to watch.

*** Jennifer Garner nearly tripping. Why couldn't this have happened? Would it have been too much to ask for? ;)

*** The stupid fucking penguins beating out Murderball, and then the stupid Euros bringing their stupid stuffed penguins on stage with them. The English-speaking world groaned.

*** Crash winning Best Picture. Regardless of what I said above, the movie itself was nothing more than a 7/10. Meh.


Anyone see this on Sportscenter this morning?

A cheerleader fell from the top of a pyramid, and had to be immobilized and taken off the court, for precautionary measures. It was one of those scary, horrifying moments... and then she starts waving, to let the crowd know she's all right... then she starts doing cheers, while prone, from mid-court until she's in the locker room.

Very, very cool to see. Presumably she's OK this morning.

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