Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rubbing It In

Every time I think I've found the craziest clip online, something new comes along to bump it from the top spot.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mobile, Alabama.


A big "thanks" goes out to Jill, this morning.

Yes, my sweet, ever-beloved Jill, who called me last night from some club in New York to tell me that she was about to see the Go! Team for the fifth time, and who had little else to say before the guitars of the opening band kicked in.

You're on very thin ice, missus.

I hope for your sake you bought me a t-shirt.


On a happier note, bless Steph for her call-- her contributions to cardboard lore, and to the ever-growing arsenal of flying blue animals.

I won't even mention Zarathustra.



If you haven't seen the new Da Vinci Code trailer yet, clicky.

You can continue to marvel at Tom Hanks' flowing locks, and how Ron Howard seems to have truly mastered Dan Brown's knack of leaving no cliches unturned.


Apparently, it is impossible to please Division Day's fans.

I made one fairly innocuous comment in an otherwise glowing review, and someone wants to crucify me.

I'm sorry, Max.

I've failed you.

Perhaps I should hang up the 'ol headphones.


Could this be the greatest idea of the Reality TV era?


Could this story get any creepier?

Yes, apparently... it could.


This site isn't letting me plug in images right now.

Otherwise, things would be more interesting. As it happens... meh.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Hey, lookie here, now. We also discussed how appreciative I am that you introduced me to the wonderful world of harmonium! see?


shall I call you from the venue in Brooklyn tomorrow night, as I'm about to see The Go! Team for the SIXTH time? Hmmmmm....