Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Has anyone noticed that the UConn men and (more importantly) the UConn women have both been bounced from the NCAA tournament?

Because I most certainly have not.


Gotta feel for those girls.


Feeling 110% better this morning. I don't know what I did yesterday apart from taking it easy (hold your jokes, please), but I'm ready to sit on my ass again, today, as if I'd never gotten sick in the first place.

Erm... yeah.


Christopher Walken is a God amongst men.

"Babies.. before we're done here.. y'all be wearing gold-plated diapers."


I'm adding a link to Ricky Gervais' site over to the right.

Maybe that way, I'll stop posting about him over and over again.


Nothing much else to talk about this morning, although I would like to point out to Steph that this past weekend's edition of USA Today had a great piece on FSM.

I don't know that any of you will necessarily be interested... but Steph and pasta... well, I don't have to tell you.


Tonight on Lost, the hatch apparently "comes alive." I hope they don't botch this.

Because it smells like a "jump the shark" moment, to me.

Let's hope not.

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