Friday, March 03, 2006

Spanning the Globe

Though I got a few comments about yesterday's post, none seem to have shown up in the desginated comments section. Weird... I wonder if it's a problem with Blogger?

Maybe, though, it's a problem... with YOU???

Anyway, at the request of one person in particular, I'll return to the land of the stupid.

It's where I'm most at home, anyway.


Yes, my week at Harmonium comes to an end today, but don't feel sad. Check out this unbelievable review (which includes a link to an even better one) of ex-Creed emoter and Jesus Christ poseur Scott Stapp's appearance at the 9:30 Club. It's pretty damned hysterical.

Bill Simmons-like comedy. Don't take this link for granted.


If this tour comes through Washington, you can consider me there. I don't care how many of the four show up-- just like it doesn't matter (though this point is debatable) whether you see CSN&Y; Stills and Nash; Crosby, Nash & Young; or some other grouping, it's guaranteed to be a great, great show.

Imagine the opportunity to hear Patton shout "APPLES!!!" live, guys! it would be amazing, no?

God forbid Zach shows up, though. My head would absolutely explode.


Speaking of tours, I heart Belle & Sebastian.

And I heart NPR, for simulcasting the March 6 B&S/New Pornographers show that I'm going to be missing. Bless you, NPR, and extra-special thanks for the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah simulcast that will be coming up on March 8.

Good times.


Generally, me and NASCAR get along as well as Bill and Hillary, but Will Ferrell can make just about anything funny.

And look who's in the trailer with him! Whaaaaaaaaaaammmmy!!!

By the way... the over/under on cameos in this movie is 36.


This is very sad, but not very surprising.

Let's wash that story away with a bit of fun, courtesy of Holly.




Finally, and coming straight off of that link, comes this.

Look. I know that, despite your best intentions, you're not going to see Brokeback Mountain. Not before you've made your ten-thousandth joke about it, anyway.

That said, I also know that you're curious about the movie, what with the Oscars (and your Oscar parties) coming up this weekend...

To that end, consider me your problem solver. Brokeback Mountain in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.


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