Sunday, March 19, 2006

Strange Days, Indeed

Abby's been in the house all weekend, working on the computer. Hence, the lack of posts.

Which isn't an altogether bad thing, except that... I don't know.

Read into it what you will.

Let just say that I'm looking forward to April.


I know I already thanked Jay for this, but again... Freaks and Geeks... where in the hell was I at when NBC showed this?

So ashamed... so behind the times. I'll just have to buy the set.

And "Southern Rock Opera" and "Heartbreaker," Jay... especially "Heartbreaker"... phenomenal stuff. Really.


Hope you're feeling better soon, Ilise.

In your honor...

Ferris: [his recorded message for the doorbell] Who is it? Oh, I'm sorry. I can't come to the door right now. I'm afraid that in my weakened condition, I could take a bad spill down the stairs. You can reach my parents at their places of business. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your concern for my well-being. Have a nice day!


Hung out with Jeff last night and caught the Rahman-Toney "championship" fight.

The fight wasn't all that bad... but what made the night (and I'm not talking about the half-hour we spent watching Alien vs. Predator, afterwards) was Jim Lampley describing Toney before the fight began as,


a "fat tub of goo."


Teso and I didn't repeat that line 100 times, last night. No way.


Better celebrity encounter: this? Or this?


Hope your hangover is gone by now. More later.

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rn2b said...

Singing Nurse: I heard that you were feeling ill / Headache, fever, and a chill / I came to help restore your pluck / 'Cause I'm the nurse who likes to -