Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thank God

After a nice night out with Teso, I returned home to hear something on ESPN that made my stomach drop.

I won't get into it; you can search for stories on last night's Villanova game if you really care to know, or if you're not already aware of what happened. Let's just say that there was an injury during the game that was apparently so gruesome that ESPN elected not to show it on Sportscenter. They did, however, describe what happened in a completely horrifying fashion, which left me nauseated.

Thankfully, the Villanova coach got a call from the hospital soon after the game had ended, letting him know that not only was his player going to be completely OK, but that he'd likely be well enough to play in the tournament next week.

The way this injury was described would have made Clint Malarchuk blanch. Thankfully, it seems that everything is going to be okay.


That news alone-- that the player is going to be OK-- made my day when I heard it earlier this morning.

The weather has made my day, as well. Though I've been spending a good bit of the day indoors, getting some odds and ends done, I've got all the windows open. It's gorgeous out, and I had a great walk a few hours ago.


Is it OK, if you're against the death penalty, to still give a silent "good riddance" upon hearing the news of Slobodan Milosevic's passing?

Just wondering.


I don't know how, but the Eagles apparently lost their sure thing.

That is not a good way to open free agency.


Not much else to (ask or) report. Things have been slow-- and the job I'd expected to be starting on Monday hasn't quite materialized as of yet.

But you know what? It'll start when it starts. As antsy as I am in some respects to get on with things... I've got plenty to keep me busy in the interim.

The rumored Las Vegas trip, for instance...

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