Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Turncoats and Traitors

I'm sure that Chris will brush it off, say he doesn't care, mention that the Pats have already won their Super Bowls, so it doesn't matter, etc., etc.

But Adam Vinatieri leaving New England and Coach Sweatshirt for Indy? Are you freakin' kidding me??? How could the Patriots let that happen, exactly?

(hey... stop thinking the exact same thing about the eagles and that wide receiver guy who went to the 'pokes... just stop it.)

I don't know... seems that the Pats and the Birds are having a race to see who can fall further, faster. And though the "winner" would seem to be the Pats, from my perspective, well... at least they're falling from the top rung. The Eagles never got that high.

Oh, Donny 5, please, come alive.


The more I see/hear about Nacho Libre, the more wary I become.

That being said, the new iTunes-only Jack Black confessionals? Sure to contain crazy amounts of gold nougat.

Check out the first 2 (of 19) "episodes" hyah, and try not to laugh in the face of Jack's utter awesomeness when you see his picture on the site.


Speaking of "hyah"... the new season of South Park premieres tonight.

And seeing as how the guys have recently said that they can turn around entire episodes in 6 days, and that tonight's episode is focused on Chef... well, it's a no-brainer that tonight's ep will be a classic.


Anyway. If you never saw the original Scientology-skewering episode at the root of all this mess, the fine folks at Chef Gate seem to have the solution. Be sure to thank them for their Chocolate Salty Thetan Balls.

(put 'em in yo' mouth!)


Cheap shot. So sue me.


Pac-Man... what the hell happened to you?


There are two new videos up at Ask a Republican. I strongly recommend you click.


Finally, Aziz went to South by Southwest... but somehow screwed the whole camera thing up, and only has the pictures from his 1994 trip to show for it.

Check out his snark, would you?

It'll make you feel goodgoodgoodgoodgood...

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