Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Unbelievable... Absolutely Unbelievable

Seems that Stereogum found this link before I could post it, and so now it's a surprise to absolutely no one... but there's some pretty great video of the Flaming Lips performing a familiar song during their surprise SXSW set.

Click here and follow the link for a great version (given that the camera is behind the band and the vocals, anyway) of "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Yes, that "Bohemian Rhapsody."


What's unbelievable about that, you ask?

The Lips have been playing that song for awhile now! That wasn't anything special!

Yeah, well, I wasn't referring to that, Holmes.

Rather, to the new Kevin Federline joint, yo. Be careful, though... K-Fed uses some purty bad words.

And if you're a hater-- well consider yo'self served, bitch.


Listening to that again, it's... completely impossible to share my favorite line with you.

Too many to choose from.

I will tell you that "I love my kids, motherfucker!" is a contender, though.


While I thought that this story (game, blouses) was pretty incredible when I saw it this morning...

it's nothing compared to...

the 9/11 conspiracy theories of Charlie Sheen!!!


Sorry to get you excited. Scroll down for Prince.


Promise me that you'll never forget...


Anonymous said...

I think that KF's tightest lyrics go something like this...

"Girls say I’m cocky
I think I’m humble
Basically, ya’ll talk like bryant gumbel"

Sweet. How can this not be a hit?

cubbie said...

No way! The tightest shizat has got to be...

"Haters! Go pick you toenails!"

Now thats some good sounds!