Monday, March 13, 2006

Water Cooler Talk

So much water cooler-worthy stuff to talk about this morning... which is why I'm going to start in with the biggest topic... my car.

Here's a hint for all of you: NEVER BUY A VOLKSWAGEN. EVER.

The check engine light on my 1947 Jetta came on for the gazillionth time this morning, so I took it in to the dealership. They said it would be a few hours before they'd be able to get to it.

Anyway, I got a shuttle ride home from one Mr. Rafael Lopez, who suggested I ask for him when the car is ready, as he'd be happy to bring me back to the dealership. Very nice guy... but all I could think of when he told me his name was this:

I am an awful person.


The brackets came out last night, and... I picked nothing out of the ordinary. Which makes me feel lame.

My final four is Texas, UCLA, Connecticut and Villanova. That's two #1 seeds and two #2 seeds, if you're counting.

How boring is that?

More shocking (well, not really shocking) is that I've picked 'Nova to win it all. I am banking on Ray coming back at 100% (or close enough) and lifting the team through.


Reports on WIP this morning suggest that Temple's John Chaney is retiring, with a press conference taking place this morning at 11am.

He's fallen out of favor in the eyes of many over the past few years, both by his actions and the performance of his teams... and so it might not be such a bad thing for him to step aside sooner rather than later.

More intriguing? Al Morganti suggesting that Dawn Staley be considered for the head coaching position, as his replacement.


The Redskins are signing every player under the sun.

The Giants have been active, as well.

The stinkin' Cowboys are eyeing Satan's wideout, Terrell Owens.

And the Eagles have signed one (count 'em, one) geriatric linebacker.

This does NOT bode well for the 2006 season. What are they waiting for, exactly?


Looking for a new favorite band?


Abby found a place yesterday. She'll be in Rosslyn, on the 17th floor of some high-rise. I thought that was exactly what she didn't want... but whatever. Glad she found a place, so she can get on with other things.


Flavor of Love apparently wrapped up last night. I say "apparently," because I didn't watch it.

So I don't know who "won," and I don't care to know. Although I have to admit... I am curious to know whether it was the upstanding lady who took a loogie to the face in last week's episode.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that I just discovered the official Flavor of Love soundboard.

Make sure you use the pulldown menu to find all of the gems here.

You didn't want to have a productive day at work anyway, right?


How 'bout that Sopranos episode, huh? Was I right?

Fuckin' old people. Can't be trusted. ;)


dad said...

sure they can.......mandlinda

Cubbie said...

Here's a tip for you to ponder: STOP BUYING CARS FROM REALITIVES!!! Maybe there was more of a reason why I didn't want a car in NYC...Just a thought!