Sunday, April 30, 2006


Three lunches with old friends... seeing Elf Power... getting my first paycheck... hanging with the guys watching the NFL Draft... installing my new TV... seeing Mom and Dad...

It's been a very good couple of days. And I'm pretty much spent. I'll be going to bed at 7pm or so.

But I will tell you one thing, before I conk out:

Stephen Colbert's got balls. I mean, to do this to the President's face... I mean, you'd think that Bush was some kind of bear, and Colbert was... someone who hated bears with a passion.

Wait a minute...

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.


Staying close to politics, please click on Ask a Republican. Representative Martin has three new (short) videos up, each one being more informative (and hysterical) than the next.

God bless America.


Also, stop by The Jaker, whose last three posts have all been stellar.


Give it up for these nerds.

Super Mario Brothers: The Stage Show.


Congratulations to Scott and Nancy on the birth of Joshua Brandon Wolfson!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Draft Day

Welcome to Day 1 of the 2006 NFL Draft. If you knew that already, then you'll also know that in 1999, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Donovan McNabb with their 1st round pick, bypassing Ricky Williams in the process.

And the boos are still being heard, apparently. I've only seen that footage three times in the past day.

And I haven't even had the television on!



Anyway, the whole Mario Williams/Reggie Bush fiasco is fascinating... as it gives us all a chance to see what a franchise looks like at the actual moment it completely implodes. Houston fans wanted (and still want) Vince Young, they learned to "settle" for Reggie Bush... and now they're left with this guy. Who will be a great NFL player, certainly... but is a meatball when compared to the other two gents.

At least as far as fan perception is concerned.

The Eagles have the #14 pick, which means that they'll be on the clock next Wednesday. When that happens (and it had better not happen at the same time as Lost, damnit), the smart money says Winston Justice.

But really, who knows? Of all the players they are apparently considering, have I the knowledge to tell one apart from the other?

Not quite. I just listen to what WIP tells me to do, and then boo accordingly.


Should be a great time, though, with the guys coming over to help me make fun of 450-lb. Chris Berman, Jazz Hands and company.

It'll be like MST3K, only with men who don't live in the basement of the science building.


Chuck Klosterman's been losing me, lately. Whether it's his contributions at, his column in Esquire, or elsewhere, his style has turned a bit into its own self-caricature.

There's a better word for what I'm trying to say, I know, but I'm blanking on it. Just trust me on this, that he's become too smug and too self-aware for his own good (says the guy who's been blogging for 1 1/2 years, I know, I know).

All that being said, the Chuckwagon has a great columnette (with apologies to TK) on the Texans' goof-to-be. And in case you're not interested in clicking and reading-- and it's short, so you should-- here's my favorite part:

"Obviously, this decision is wolf-face crazy. It's the kind of decision you make when you are drunk, and on cocaine, and on deadline, and on fire."



Don't do drugs, people. Because if you do, your obituary might end up reading like Steve Howe's.

Sad, sad, sad.


I don't wish injury upon anybody, OK?

But any story that centers around Keith Richards hurting his head after falling out of a palm tree?

Well, I'm practically convulsing, here.


Have a great weekend... hope your team has a great draft, so long as said team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Night Links

Before I go out, or watch a movie, or go to sleep (I have CHOICES!)... some things that I've been meaning to post.

1) If you've been watching ESPN at all over the past week or two, then you'll already be familiar with this story. When I first saw the feature, though, it felt like melodrama-- over-produced, and a bit too schmaltzy (mostly because of Chris Connelly's sappy delivery).

But then I saw the footage. The footage of this week's tournament. And all I'll say is that if you can read this story about 13-year old Dakoda Dowd and her terminally ill mother and not be affected... well, you're a better person than I.


2) In addition to being a hack late-night host, Jay Leno hates gays.

3) I just discovered that Eugene Mirman has a blog. Maybe I'm the last one on this, I dunno... but it makes me look forward to seeing him that little bit more.


Thought I had more, but I don't... not really. Is it too early to go to bed?


I got my results back, and they came back positive.

Four of the women I met on Wednesday night want to get together again. More responses might be coming in the next few days, or not... but four certainly isn't a bad number, considering that I only said "yes" to five or six, myself.

The one or two stragglers? I haven't heard from them yet (in other words, I didn't get an out-and-out "no"). So there still might be a chance.

Which is good news, I suppose.


A quick hello to the very busy Kyle Leafblower... hope you finish all your work, and that you let me buy you that beer at the Hockey Night show next month.

Everybody visit, everybody understand.


If I may crib a line from Ryan's favorite band, this boy is exhausted. Last night's show went until 12:30-- not so late, all things considered. But when combined with my stupid schedule... it makes for a miserable 6:30am feeling. Let's hope the coffee (Mocha Nut Fudge, btw) helps.

The reason I'm here so early (why I didn't sleep in an extra hour, in other words), is that I've got another lunch date (shouldn't use that word, here) with old Emory Law buddy Jim O'Connell today, which might easily end up being a relaxed hour or two.


I might need to run home, to be in the apartment between 12:45pm and 2:45pm, for the special delivery. Apparently, that's the time they chose to come by, without my input, and while I tried to change that time yesterday... their office is closed on Thursdays. Who knew that anyone was closed on Thursdays?

I digress. If I'm not able to change the time this morning, I'll have to go home-- and that's at least a 3-hour chunk of day I'm looking at. Lunch with Jim could also take some time. And so, to compensate... I'm here at the crack of dawn.

None of this even factors in the visit from Comcast I'm getting this evening, between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

So I'm a slave to others' schedules today, to say the least.


Last night's show was a mixed bag. On one hand, when I showed up at the club early (SHOCK) to get tickets, I met Andrew Rieger, the lead singer of Elf Power, and got to speak with him for a bit. I couldn't even begin to tell you how or why I recognized him, but there you go. He was a Really Nice Guy; he even agreed to an interview with me at a later date for Harmonium (where, by the way, you can see that Streets review that I mentioned the other day).

So, that was cool.

The show itself, though, suffered due to a smallish and lackluster crowd. I would have guessed that Elf Power could draw more than 100 people on a Thursday night... but I would have been wrong. And those that were there, at IOTA, seemed more interested in a night out, drinking with friends, than a night with Elf Power.

The band was pretty sharp, given that it was on one of the earliest dates of their tour-- the new album was only just released this past Tuesday. But there was no energy, no buzz being returned to them... which was unfortunate.

More later... gotta do some work, y'know.


nada surf - if you leave (OMD cover)
elf power - will my feet still carry me home
paul westerberg - dyslexic heart
sam and dave - hold on, i'm coming
beirut - beluga

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hurry Up and Wait

You want to know how last night's speed dating session went?

You really want to know???

Well, so do I. But I won't find out the results until 24 hours after the event, for some reason, so... I probably won't know myself until I come home from tonight's concert.

Which gives none of us any resolution, any closure... I realize that. So I suppose that I'm left to summarize last night's event.


Except that I don't think that this is the means or the place in which to do it. If you want to know what went down, I'll call you about it, or something... I've nothing to hide whatsoever.

It's just that some of the things that were said last night-- all of them good things, mind you-- would read a bit awkward on the page. It'd be considerably easier to communicate them verbally.


It's a let down, I know.

What I will tell you, though, is that there were eleven women there last night (and maybe six guys?), and as in the past, I met a lot of great people. And yes, Steph, some of the women were even "hot," if that makes you feel better. ;)

The only other thing I'll mention here is that, after speaking with each of them for the allotted four minutes, I hung out with almost all of them again before leaving the bar, just to touch base, talk some more, and gauge how things went.

So, there you go. If it went horribly, you'd be safe to assume I'd have fled immediately. But I didn't. So, draw whatever conclusions you'd like.


Nothing besides that to report for now.

Sorry, gang. Trust me, though-- you'll hear about it soon enough.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Even the eight people in Stuart Scott's ESPN chat this afternoon hate Stuart Scott:

Mike D (Manchester, CT): Are you angry that no one cares about your chat because everyone is either talking to Bill Simmons or Tye Hill....When ESPN tells you have to do something like this, do you just dread it?

Stuart Scott: (2:42 PM ET ) Mike D---Actually, I'm angry that you've taken your valuable time to scan the chat rooms and realize Sports Guy has a chat at the same time. I wasn't aware. I'm angry that you don't have more of a life, and want to give you a hug and console you.

Stuart Scott: (2:43 PM ET ) PS Also, knowing computers, you figured out a way I can count my chatters and care enough count Bill's chatters...I'm not that advanced.

Brooks (New Orleans): Stu, can we all agree that you are the least hip person at all of ESPN? I'm including Beano Cook.

Stuart Scott: (2:51 PM ET ) Brooks--Heavens to Betsy, Brooksie....Oh gosh, I am rather insulted. Appalled, even. Jeepers. never expected such a tumultous feeling inspired by the wisdom and wit of your mind. Gollygeewillikers. If you see me in person, please come to my face and express those same sentiments. I would be honored to indulge in such a conversation.

Stuart Scott: (2:51 PM ET ) On that note, take care everyone. See you next time. Thanks for checking in. --Stu


Change of Plans

My morning:

1. At 5am, the alarm goes off.

2. At 5:10am, I discover that the door to my building's gym is locked, and that the gym is only supposed to be open from 6am - 10pm, and not a minute before. The past several mornings? Aberrations.

3. At 5:55am or so, I get into the city (I drove in because of my thing tonight).

4. At 6:15am, after 15-20 minutes of circling the same several blocks over and over again, the first parking lot near my building opens, despite numerous signs to the contrary.

5. I sign in at 6:30am so I could write this (don't worry; I'm not billing for this nonsense).

I have wasted an hour of my day, but worse, I have done so in the 5am block. When any normal person would be asleep.

Lesson: I think my schedule might wind up being a tad different than what I wrote about below.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Rundown

Before I begin, would everyone please wish Chris a happy 53rd birthday?

Either he tried to sneak it by us, or we all ignored it, or forgot about it, or something... but only your help can make things right again.

Maybe, if he hears from enough of you, he'll stop whining.

(come to think of it, I've been the only one whining... so... never mind)


I've bored a few of you with stories of the new place already, so I'll cut to the chase, rather than giving you the epic version: the apartment continues to work out magnificently.

You heard me: magnificently.

The convenience of having the Courthouse Metro right there, a gym and a dry cleaners in the building, the Apple store, Whole Foods, etc... it's great. And the reason I'm so happy about it today is that I used each of those places AND SEVERAL MORE, AS WELL!!! in the past day or two alone.

They have made my life much easier than how it had been at 5713 Clapham (driving a mile to get to the supermarket is very 2005).

Clarendon is just amazing for where I am and what I need right now.

So, yeah. Good times.


I'm back to an insane but satisfying schedule: up and about at 5am for a workout, in the office between 6:15 and 6:30am for the start of a 12-hour day, errands and relaxation in the evening.

Which probably sounds hideous to most of you.

But I love being up that early, and I love having less free time. I especially love feeling this busy. I have absolutely no idea how I stayed at home so much over the past several months without going completely mental.


There should be yet another review of mine going up on Harmonium in the next day or two, this time a review of the Streets' newest album, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living.

The short version is that I was really, really disappointed by it.

But don't worry-- I'll get over it. I'll make it through.


Before I forget, the rest of the week is shaping up to be very busy... so entries may or may not be sporadic at best through the weekend.

If you remember the thing I went on twice in the Fall? That resulted in a couple of things? Some of those things being better than others?

Yeah, I've got one of those things tomorrow night.

And then I'm seeing Elf Power on Thursday evening at IOTA, if I remember to get tickets (IOTA sells no tickets in advance... you have to be standing at the door at just the right time to get in).

Friday and Saturday look to be dominated by the NFL Draft and (*cough*) draft preparation, and then Sunday... a visit from the 'rents, which should be great.

After showing them the apartment and the Container Store, though, what then?



On top of all those goings-on, it's apparently "lunches with old friends week." I'll be seeing Scott Harris (of Camp Harlam fame) for the first time in a few years tomorrow; Kelvin McClinton (from Paul, Hastings) on Thursday, and Jim O'Connell, one of my closest friends from Emory Law, on Friday.

If I shouldn't make it back from any of these lunches... I'd imagine that it would be Kelvin who'd most likely do me in.

Just thinking out loud, here.

Let's hope nothing happens to make him angry. ;)


I don't know about you, but this news pretty much saves my ass. I'll just pull this decision out the next time I get a warning from a partner at the law firm, wondering why I'm two steps away from completing my Sudoku, instead of being 250 documents or so into the day.

I'm sure that will go over well.




I'll let you know how everything goes. I promise-- every sordid detail.

(fingers crossed for sordid details)


pearl jam - gone
pearl jam - severed hand
pearl jam - marker in the sand
pearl jam - inside job
pearl jam - unemployable

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Mozfather

My review of the new Morrissey album can be found here.

Catch it now, before legions of Moz fans attack it, TH-style.


Incidentally, if you're looking to get up to speed, here's a page (1 of 2, mind) that catalogs all of my reviews.

All of them!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Today's bris was one of the nicest ceremonies I've ever attended.

Many, many thanks to Rob and Debbie for letting me share in an unbelievably beautiful afternoon. Mazel Tov (again) to both of you!

Weekend's Here, Have a Can of Beer

So, after working my first full week in an honest-to-goodness office in some time, I've been busy immersing myself in what some would call a "relaxing weekend."

And, apart from the weather being only a small step above lousy... it's been terrific.

Ilise and Paul came over yesterday afternoon, and as usual, we had a great time together. They saw the new place and seemed to approve of it, even bringing by some goodies (thank you, once again). After which, we had lunch at Woodrow's and did some shopping at the Container Store and Crate & Barrel-- or, they did, at least.

I bought nothing.

For the first time in ages.

All of this might sound a bit mundane if I didn't tell you that I was laughing and glowing pretty much the entire time. Their company was the important thing, and I was thrilled to have them be down here (from Baltimore) for the day.


After they left, and after I ran a few errands (including hitting the Arlington Library, and it's circulation desk line of 25+ people... hey! Arlingtonians read!), I flipped between the Flyers game (which was one of the best hockey games I've seen in years, despite the Flyers losing in 2OT) and the Klitschko-Byrd heavyweight title fight.

And after watching several fights over the past few months that amounted to pretty much nothing... this was an ass-whupping of the highest order. Klitschko absolutely savaged Byrd, landing more blows in one round (and in several different rounds) than I'd seen land in the past few bouts combined. Dude was not missing at all.

And after two knockdowns, by round 7, Byrd's face looked... how do you say, a mess. It looked like something you'd see behind the deli counter.

And it was totally great.


Fast-forward to this morning. After going to the gym (if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'), I finished watching Bill Hicks: Sane Man, which was a good concert for historical purposes but nowhere near the refined (and nearly dead) Bill that is/was on display in Rant in E-Minor.

Still, in a world of Lenos and Mencias and Romanos... I'll take early-era Hicks every time.


Today, I'm selling some CDs, buying some cards at Hallmark, and attending a bris.

So... yeah.

That's what's on the docket. Not all that exciting, save for the chance to see Rob and Debbie and their new kids.

Which actually makes it plenty exciting. That should be wonderful, in fact.

Strike any negative overtones from the record, please.


Hope you had a good time at the bachelor party, kid. I trust you'll tell me all about it, assuming you've woken up by this evening?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weed and Warning

Tonight was great. Jeff came over for beers, and we watched Harold and Kumar (most of it) for what was Jeff's first time.

Needless to say, he loved it. Especially Kumar's dream sequence with the giant bag of weed.

But as funny as that was... and as enjoyable as the beers were (and, truthfully, still are)... even better was speaking with Allison for the first time in what had to be several months. It had been way too long, but mercifully, it seemed like old times.

So, so great.


Moving on.

If I could speak with the teenage me-- say, the 17-year old version-- I'd share some things. I'd probably keep a lot to myself.

I'd laugh, I'd pity, I'd envy... much as we all would.

But more than anything else, I'd warn. I'd warn the 17-year old me that someday, when he was least expecting it, one of the most important books he'd ever read (to that point) would be made into a movie. A movie that looked bad.

Real, real bad.

Now, it's probably not fair to judge the adaption of Way of the Peaceful Warrior without having actually seen it first. But if I may make one observation, simply on the basis of the trailer... the lead role has been horribly, dreadfully miscast.

Nick Nolte as Socrates??? Come on.

See for yourselves here.


To cleanse the palate, something that looks infinitely more promising... the second trailer for a movie from the makers of Bad Santa and Ghost World, and starring John Malkovich: Art School Confidential


The latest from the world of Snakes on a Plane? Checkit.


This guy? He's about nine minutes and fifty-three seconds more talented than me.



What do you do when you're bored? Yesterday, I found myself updating my Amazon wish list.

What can I say? I had a lot of time on my hands.


Even if your name happens to be, I don't know, Michael Lowry, please don't forget about this come November.


And finally, be sure to check out I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, which I've added to the blogroll, off to the right.

It's always good to have more Pearl Jam love, and there's tons of fun goodies (PJ and non-PJ) there for you to pick through.



blur - black book
jesus jones - the devil you know (don't hate, appreciate)
+/- [plus/minus] - steal the blueprints
idlewild - american english
mercury rev - hercules

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Treading Water in Beirut

Not much goin' on today, for better or worse. So, rather than bore you with the minutiae of my workday, I'll drop a few shorties on you... and bore you that way.

1) This Spring, catch me on tour. I'll be heading out to see the following shows, if not more:

Elf Power (IOTA)

Hockey Night (IOTA)

Michael Showalter / Eugene Mirman (Black Cat)

eels (9:30 Club)

So join me, won't you?

2) FOH (friend of Harmonium) Ryan has officially gone crazy. In less than a week, he has turned out some crazy-ass content, and so doing, has already caught the attention of some of the bigger fellas in blogland. Music nerds, rejoice, and visit goodhodgkins.

3) I know that I've turned more than a few of you onto "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. Well, guess what? The video is even better. Check out the "Rorshach" version first, to watch Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse out-White Stripes Jack and Meg, and then check out the alternative take they busted out with on Top of the Pops. Both can be found hyah, as usual.

4) In less than a week, the bloggers have knighted a new band as the greatest thing in the whole wide world. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, check out The Catbirdseat, Gorilla vs. Bear and Said the Gramaphone (amongst others) for your Beirut starter kit. It'll make you feel good.

5) Finally, this and this are fairly random links, but both caught my eye.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No, Really, Where I Been?

First off, thanks to everyone who's been complaining about where I've been as of late, with respect to this 'ol blog. I'll take your whining as a compliment.

I will tell you, however, that you might need to adjust your expectations, if not your schedule. I am a morning person, and so I'm probably going to be posting in the evenings from now on... or at least for the foreseeable future.

See, I'll be at work in the mornings, and...


You'll live, I'm sure.


Secondly, we had over 550 hits at Harmonium today, possibly a record for us. For those of you who don't know (hi, Alison Murphy), Harmonium is a music site that is destined to become the biggest thing since New Coke. We take bands you've never heard of, and we make their fans very, very angry.


Check it out, ask yourself who any of the bands are, correct my grammar... just familiarize yourself.

Because there will be a test.


So. When I last left you, it was Tuesday morning, and I was about to embark on a very big day. The closing of the house, the possible last appearance of the Abby, the second day on the job, the tater tots.

I met my realtor and Abby in Old Town for the closing, which took place at 10am. As I'd hoped, it did, indeed, take less than an hour for our portion of the proceedings to be wrapped up. Which was fantastic, because (as you might imagine), I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, and for every conceivable reason.

Without getting into the numbers, it was very nice seeing the bottom line. Or, it would have been, if the bottom line that we saw was going to reflect our actual take.

See, the buyer went to the house and took a final walk-through the day before closing (Monday)... and discovered that, apparently, our hot water heater had gone all kablooey. It seems that the bottom had eroded, and/or there was water damage, and/or possible flood damage... and, as it was discovered prior to the closing, it technically came on our watch.

So, we had to pony up for a new hot water heater, which we would never get a chance to enjoy. If such items are ever truly enjoyed. Anyway, subtract $800 or so from our bottom line, and you get the new total.

Which will still allow me to get a subscription to the Post, should I so choose. So I can hardly complain.


Abby still had an item or two of mine in her car, and I had 1/2 of a broken Cuisinart to give her myself (she asked for it... don't look at me like that!), so I drove over to her car and double-parked.

We exchanged items, and didn't really look at one another. Basically, we knew that this was it. And though the past nine months or so were rarely anything other than tolerable, at worst... this, as you might imagine, was completely and utterly weird.

And so we mumbled a pleasantry to one another, a half-hearted this-or-that, and went our separate ways. If quizzed, I couldn't accurately told you what was said.

But that was that.

And it was the damnedest thing, ending things that way. But better it happened that way, though, than being threatened with a knife.

As has happened to some people I know.


So, I drive to the job, thrilled that the worst was over with. Really, two big loads off my back in one morning. And as I arrived at work, I realized that even there, things were already steadying and becoming more normal. People are joking with one another, finding their rhythm, learning the case... and so all that is already shaking out just fine.

But what makes me the happiest about the new job can be summed up in two words:

Bathroom Theory.

As any of you who have been contract attorneys in DC will recognize... you aren't always placed in the nicest of climes. Sometimes, a glorious office in a firm. Other times, a basement in a building in, say, Bumblefuck, Maryland.

This time, we're in the firm, and in a relatively nice space... but what makes the space glorious, a venerable house of the holy, is our incredibly clean and well-stocked bathroom. To wit:

*** 3 stalls, 2 urinals, comfortably spaced, all with functioning doors.
*** an enormous jug of Listerine, with cups.
*** hair sprays and moisturizers, and all nature of soaps.
*** full length mirror at the door, in a well-lit area.
*** no one has hummed, whistled, or grunted (yet).

This bathroom gets an "A." No doubt about it. And therefore, this job gets an "A."

Bathroom Theory.


Last night was "steak and tater tots" night with Jeff and Chris. Chris was kind enough to cook, but he made us work for it... he showed us the blueprint he had for the new backyard that he and Noel will be installing.

And described every nook and cranny, in alarming detail.

All unfunny kidding aside, it looked great. And as Chris has had a complex about the backyard since the late 70s, muttering about Japanese maple this and that... I'm glad it's almost here.

I can't imagine if I had to hear this sort of complaining for, oh, I don't know, the last 6-9 months?

Anyway, all I remember is that Chris owned the night. He told a story about how he basically saved the life of his friend, as well as his own life, when their car skidded off of a highway and fell through an ice-covered lake, some years ago.

Unbelievable stuff-- and, as you would expect, it was absolutely horrifying to listen to (thank God we were all shitfaced-- or, at least, Chris was).

Which is why I absolutely had to take a fistful of taters and shove 'em in my mouth at some point... just to bring the attention back onto ME.

It got laughs, sure, but Chris being selfish... well, of course, he went right back to how he is the unholy lovechild of Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff and Aquaman.

Blah, blah, blah. "I saved a life"... whatever.


Finally, an interesting note about this morning... my first "regular" commute from my new apartment to new workplace.

I was out the door at 5:45am or so (don't look at me like that), and found, to my horror, that I was virtually the only one on the streets.

Really-- save for the odd jogger, I was one of less than 20 people I saw between my front door and the metro platform. People's apartments were dark. The streets were deserted. It was fascinating.

And that's when it hit me-- living where I used to, in Kingstowne, people had to be up and about much earlier, as they had at least a one-hour commute from door to door. Living in Clarendon allows residents to take advantage of the short commute... and (assuming they're normal) sleep in.

Me being an idiot, I probably won't take such advantage. Besides, I like having a few hours to myself every once in awhile when I'm at work. And now, I can have that (I seem to be working with late-shifters), work a crazy day, hours-wise, and be home by 7pm.

And see that in addition to my favorite burger place being a block away, my two favorite smoothie places are equally close... one having just opened up today.


I'm so happy, right now-- you have no idea.


Chris suggested last night that, when I come back to my apartment at the end of the day, I probably feel the way he used to when he'd return to New York City. Like I'm finally where I belong, after so many months of so much other nonsense.

He's right. Now, granted, it's been little more than a week, and the new apartment could go all kablooey, I suppose-- but there hasn't been a single time that I've walked in the front door to my place where I haven't been glowing.

It's about time, huh?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where I Been

Well, my first day at work came and went, and it seems like it's going to be a busy next couple of weeks (or, hopefully, couple of months). I'll probably be at the office no less than six days a week for the foreseeable future, if only to compensate for my recent, um, "vacation."

Which was a BLAST, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, there don't actually seem to be any limits or restrictions, for once. We've heard 60-70/week, we've heard 40/week. Which means that I can basically show up whenever I want (literally-- our building and space is available to us 24 hours a day), and work for as long as I want. But again, I feel the need to compensate at least a little bit for all the lost time over the past several months.

It'll be up to me. We'll see what happens.

The people seem OK, I suppose, though most of them have worked with one another before. Yesterday, I was the only complete and utter newbie, which was a bit odd. I hate being that tentative, that erring-on-the-side-of-polite.

Hopefully, that will become a non-issue, and shortly.

The case itself is dry, shockingly enough, but the firm is great, and the room we're working in is very comfortable. For those of you in the know, I'm at the Northeast corner of International Square, on K Street, between Farragut West and Foggy Bottom. Tell me where you are, and we can get together for lunch, dinner, or spirits.


I have access to the internet all day, but I'd really rather not surf too much. Even though yesterday, people were already playing the mini-golf.

I will be checking Gmail quite a bit, nudge nudge... so feel free to say "hello."



Today, finally, is C-Day... the closing on the house. That's why I'm here, typing, and not at work. It is scheduled for 10am, in Old Town, and apparently the seller's portion of the morning will take less than an hour.

Which would be wonderful, because it's going to be very difficult to take, emotionally. Not because of any problems on my part, mind... but because, if history is any indication, Abby might break down at some point.

Possibly because this morning might be the last time that we see one another.

I won't get into it here-- almost all of you know how I feel on this, so I don't need to trumpet it further-- but I don't think Abby is necessarily on the same ground I am on right now.

Does that make any sense?

Eh. If not, you can ask me. But I think most of you know the deal.


Kevin from Division Day Division Day (click on the cover, please) mailed me his band's new CD, Beartrap Island, yesterday... and I look forward to listening to it over the next few days. He was also nice enough to send two posters, one announcing the upcoming Birdmonster/Division Day tour of the West Coast.

So, if you're reading this, and they're coming near you... I'd highly recommend you go. If you can't make it... track down the CD anyway. If their earlier EP was any indication, I'm guessing that you won't be disappointed.


Also, on the music front, please let me know if you'd be interested in you have any interview questions for Syd from Les Savy Fav, one of the guys from Korn, or one of the Chili Peppers.

I'm not saying I'm conducting any or all of these, but none are out of the questions, and I appear to have a legitimate "in."




If you've made it this far... have some music.

A fantastic Smiths concert from 1985.

Or, an equally great R.E.M. show from 1984.

Or, more new stuff from Ryan's recently transformed site, GoodHodgkins. He was kind enough to link to me, but slack enough to get the spelling wrong... so I'm torn. ;)


belle & sebastian - gonna fly now (theme from rocky)
division day - colorguard
sugar - judas cradle
hockey night - save the clock tower
the boy least likely to - i'm glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star

Monday, April 17, 2006

Wish Me Luck

While I'm gone (it's baby's first day at work today), see if you can wrap your head around this.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hit(s) of the Day

I'm so exhausted. Eight trips back and forth to Goodwill (who knows, I lost count) will do that to you.

So close to the finish line.

So close to the finish line.


It's nice to see that I seem to have a number of international readers, including friends in (just to name a few countries) New Zealand and Singapore...

... but I just got a hit from Slough, UK.

Which brings everything full circle, doesn't it? I mean, how often am I pimping Ricky Gervais on here? Finally... what comes around, goes around.

Time for Mayweather-Judah.


1. Did I mention I got a job? Contract work, in the city, starting Monday... so I'll know more about it, then. But it *might* affect the frequency of my posts (shudder).

2. Did I mention this week's rollout of Google Calendar? I'm already on board, and a big fan. Very easy to use, it's got a good look... I'd give it a 9.2.

3. Did I mention I've been thinking about religion in this country? It's because of this page, which I've been looking at for days, now. It breaks down census data from 2000 in a number of different ways... and it is completely fascinating. Be sure to right-click on the images and zoom in on them... they're a bit small, as they sit on the page.


just finished:

"silent bob speaks," by kevin smith (3 out of 5)

just started:

"the case for hillary clinton," by susan estrich (3 out of 5, so far)

Enough Already-- It's Time for an Intervention

It could be argued that we need to stage an intervention for Jeff for any one of a number of reasons. His life, as he will tell you, is a complete and utter shambles, and in so many ways that you can virtually smell the tears as he walks in a room.

Which is why it was unbelievable, then, that last night he demonstrated yet another new issue, another new problem area that.... frankly, it's going to be up to us to remedy.


As you can see, it seems that Jeff is trying to drown his sorrows in an almost unthinkably enormous bowl of french fries. With... yes... an entire plate's worth of ketchup in his other hand.

Disgusting, right? Am I right???

It seems that, not unlike Hurley on Lost, Jeff is using food to block out his pain. To forget about his daily tragedies, his weekly miseries, his...


My fear is that soon, if we do nothing... Jeff won't be blocking out his pain-- he'll be blocking his arteries.

Now, granted, it was a strong move on his part to attempt to recognize Good Friday, and therefore not eat meat last night. And I'm sure that it was difficult to say "no" to Five Guys when (a) you're standing in the place, and (b) your two friends both get cheeseburgers, and happily.

But the overcompensation... I mean, look at this!

So, this being the case... just know that I'm going to be... uh... "calling in favors" from a number of you next week. I'll let you know the "when" and "where."

We're gonna get this sorry bastard sorted.


All kidding aside, last night was tremendous. The guys came over for drinks (a good many, considering that the three of us were/are sorely out of practice), the aforementioned Five Guys, a viewing of Sin City, and a hysterical reading through the comments/wreckage caused by a certain music review a few weeks back (reminiscent of our previous readings of Chuck Norris facts and... um... toboggans).

"Suck it, Trebek!"

We also discussed Grady Little, how Muscle & Fitness is a magazine for juicers, and how I'll soon be interviewing Anthony Kiedis.

But none of that is half as interesting as it sounds.


Anyway... despite the fact that much of the night was a riot (the part, specifically, where Noel wasn't calling Chris every other moment to say things like "I just took the elevator from floor 7 to floor 8, just wanted to let you know, darling"), the best part of it, for me, was hosting.


Great that Chris and Jeff seemed to like the place, cool that they came by and hung out and left their garbage all over the fucking place... but just to be able to host again, for the first time in close to a year... it was terrific.

That said, some of the stories, predictions and promises that came out of last night (several of which involved my balcony and a miscellaneous group of unrelated aerodynamic objects)... I'm thinking that I'm never going to let them come over again.

I mean, there's barely any ketchup left!

Those bastards all but kicked my Heinz!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Attention: Steph

Feel free to pass this around, or use this as your e-mail signature.

Chaos Theory

Is there anything that is, at the same time, more exciting, confusing, annoying, gratifying, embarrassing, and ultimately hysterical than botching a meal you try to make for the very first time?

Case in point: tonight's attempt at Spicy Thai Beef Strips.


I mean, it feels good (for the first time in years) to cook... but perhaps we should have noted that our food processor DID NOT WORK before we started things.

Or that when the recipe calls for the steak to be cut up into 1/8 inch strips, we should have cut the steak into 1/8 inch strips, and not 1/4 inch, or 1/2 inch strips.

And by "we," of course, I mean "me."

The putz.

Creator of inedible entrees.


This is exactly what I wanted to do, though. Ruin a few meals, hit a few home runs (hopefully more of the latter), not be so frightened to try things. For some reason, in the (*ahem*) "old days," that's how it was. I was apprehensive to so much as walk into the kitchen.

No more. It might take a while, but I'd like to give it the old college try.

So, in time, I'll be a sous chef. For now, I'm merely in danger of getting sued.




I think that I'm done buying things for the time being, by the way. I bought myself a new phone for the apartment today, and a few other odds and ends for the kitchen, and... I'm broke, now.

Brother, can you spare a dime?


Congratulations to Rob and Debbie on the birth of Alex Jacob and Sydney Isla!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Songs of the Year, So Far

I love lists.

This year has already produced a staggering amount of tremendous music. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably missed out on 75%+ of it. So, let me list some of my top picks, and I’ll let you either buy ‘em here or suggest that you seek ‘em out somewhere else.

So with that in mind (and hey, when's the last time you made yourself a mixtape?):

1. “Rubies” by Destroyer.
*** If nine-minute-plus songs aren’t quite your thing, if New Pornographers alumnus Dan Bejar’s voice isn’t quite your style, at first, then please— just be patient. Trust me. If it is your speed, however, you’ll be even more stunned. One other caveat— you might need the lyric sheet for this one.

2. “Rise Up With Fists!,” by Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins.
*** I first heard this one (Jenny Lewis already being a known commodity with Rilo Kiley and the Postal Service) via its Hee Haw-inspired, Sarah Silverman-co-starring video, but now it stands alone. An instant classic on every level, even though (especially) it’s laden with more country flavor than the rest of my collection put together.

3. “Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley.
*** You noticed the name, I’m sure— Gnarls Barkley is the name under which Cee-Lo has chosen to collaborate with Danger Mouse. And this… this is an easy contender for single of the year. Or, it would have been, had Destroyer not taken claim to the title a few months back. Still, this will get in your head, in the very best of ways.

4. “The Sound of Failure / It’s Dark… Is It Always This Dark?,” by the Flaming Lips.
*** Once again, the name… I know. Anyhow, this is (arguably) the Flaming Lips at their very best, regardless of the long-ass song title—meditative and transcendent, reaching for the proverbial stars, all while Wayne is standing knee deep amongst the very Britneys and Gwens he name-checks throughout.

5. “Roscoe,” by Midlake.
*** One of the many new bands this year that are getting music nerds all overheated and such, Midlake has chosen to emulate the sounds of 70s FM radio, rather than taking the so-very-2005 Sonic Youth/Wire/Pixies path. This particular song sounds both lost and found, like a 45 you might have stumbled across in a dusty attic somewhere. A 45 that happens to have Lindsey Buckingham’s name on side A, and the theme from M*A*S*H on the bottom.

6. “All Truth Now,” by the Vorstand Circus.

*** All together now—who??? Um, the Vorstand Circus is one guy, one lonely Australian guy who found himself in a foreign country with nothing but instruments and a computer to pass the time. And he put together a whole bunch of songs that sound really, really good. To say more would be to spoil the fun.

7. “Promiscuous Girl,” by Nelly Furtado w/ Timberland.
*** If I’ve learned nothing from listening to other music nerds, it’s that every year, a handful of pop songs are somehow magically transformed (knighted, really) from drivel into indie-sanctioned gold. Last year, this was Annie’s place in the countdown. Now, it’s Nelly Furtado’s turn, though most would agree that she’s always been pretty great.

8. “The Champ,” by Ghostface Killah.
*** Or, how Pretty Toney Got His Groove Back, with the help of Burgess Meredith and Mr. T.

9. “Bush War Blues,” by Billy Bragg.

*** Token (overt) protest song. It’s got a good beat, though, and you can whinge to it.

10. “When You Wasn’t Famous,” by the Streets.
*** I will defend Mike Skinner to the death, even if a lot of people have long since given up on The Streets. This track is a hysterical whine about the difficulties of picking up famous women, even when you happen to be famous yourself.

11. “The View from the Afternoon,” by the Arctic Monkeys.
*** I’m not completely sold on these guys… I think they’ll be gone fairly quickly, chewed up and spit out by the NME beast. But this, the lead track from their debut CD, is not bad… not bad at all.

12. “The Funeral,” by Band of Horses.
*** Another up-and-coming band for 2006, and another slow burner. Slightly reminiscent of Okkervil River, this tune contains what is either the best or the most horrifying line of the year so far.

13. “Just,” by Mark Ronson, featuring Alex Greenwald.
*** Again, I hear you ask, “who???” Well, Mark is a DJ, and Alex sings for Phantom Planet, and this song comes from a Radiohead tribute album. And it is one of roughly… well, the entire album’s worth of songs, really, that is downright fantastic. You’ll love it, if you have any soul whatsoever.

14. “Jen, Nothing Matters to Me,” by Irving.
*** If you’re a fan of the Killers, you will love, love, LOVE this song. If not, you’ll merely love it.

15. “I Was a Lover,” by TV on the Radio.
*** Cheating, here, as this hasn’t technically come out yet… but this is an absolutely ridiculous song. Again, I don’t want to spoil your virgin ears if you haven’t heard this yet.

16. “Another Sunny Day,” by Belle & Sebastian.

*** I could have chosen any song from The Life Pursuit, just about… but this one is so damned happy and up-tempo that it’s pretty much irresistible. If you have preconceptions about Belle & Sebastian, abandon them, listen, and fall in love.

17. “Steady as She Goes,” by the Raconteurs.
*** Otherwise known as Jack White’s new band, though many of you will already know all about that. More blues-rock, but even better (in my opinion) than the White Stripes’ output. Like the young Rolling Stones… hungry and drooling and messy and great.

18. “Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me,” by the Pipettes.
*** Somewhere, your parents are smiling. This song is much more their speed than anything else I’ve listed here… but don’t be dissuaded. Three hot chicks (go ahead, sue me) singing 50s/60s girlpop, as Jed noted. Terrific.

19. “Life is a Pigsty,” by Morrissey.
*** Reason enough to find Ringleader of the Tormentors and buy, buy, buy.

20. “World Wide Suicide,” by Pearl Jam.
*** Just because this song makes you feel like it’s 1993 all over again. You’re standing outside the store at midnight (with about 150 other fraternity guys and sorority dolls), waiting to get your copy of Vs. And when you listen for the first time, it’s better than you could have ever imagined. It’s like you’d hoped it would be.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Phillies fever... catch it!

More on the New Place

Lots and lots to keep me busy today... which is just as well, as I've got nothing but time... being here in Arlington.

Yep, Arlington.

Not Columbus.



After getting roughly 2 hours of sleep on Sunday night, I have fallen into a much better sleep pattern over the past several days.

And whether it's because my bedroom permits less light to peek in, or because of something else entirely (air circulation? noises? not having to worry about anyone else walking in on me?), I've been sleeping like an absolute log. Hard to say why I notice this, exactly, but I have not been waking up in the middle of the night with the frequency I was at the "old" place.

Let's hope that continues.

Along those lines, I've also begun to switch to a more normal "shift."

Meaning that, rather than waking up at 5:30am and going to bed by 10:30pm, I've been staying in bed later and going to sleep later.

Like a normal person, in other words. Similarly, my eating schedule has experienced a similar shift.

These are things I'd hoped would take effect. They might sound insignificant, but the constant urge to eat lunch at 10:30am pissed me (and, probably, my friends and co-workers) off.


Another interesting side effect of the new place?

Turning the wrong way.

I'd lived in the townhouse for 4-5 years. And whether I realized it or not at the time, I could have made it through every inch of the house blindfolded. It became intuitive, as it would for any of you.

Now that I'm in a new place... even with my eyes wide open, I'm walking into walls, I'm feeling (literally) disoriented, and (worst of all) I'm turning the shower dial to "hot" when I want "cold," and vice versa.

All of this will change for the better, in time... but it's odd to realize that this is quite literally a new setting, in the truest sense of the word.


Jeff was my first visitor last night. And true to form, he brought a way-more-than-generous and completely-unnecessary housewarming gift... though that nice overture was killed by the fact that he wrinkled his nose upon entry.

He wrinkled his nose!

Apparently, my apartment smells like ass.

Not really. But it does still smell like a professionally cleaned apartment. It smells like "new," which is all he was detecting.

Of course, this instantly gave me a complex, so I started spilling different varieties of vinegar all over the carpet, and on the ceiling, and over the furniture, in order to mask the aroma of miscellaneous cleaning agents.

So now, my place smells like vinegar.

Goddammit, why in the hell did I do that?

Anyway. Thanks for the Grey Goose, Jeff. Enjoy the Raconteurs.


John Marzano is to baseball what Ron Jaworski is to football.

Just watch. At some point, he'll get a network gig, and he'll impress the hell out of all of you. Right now, he contributes to Philly-based WIP, so all he really does is local coverage and analysis... but I'm telling you, I've never heard anyone on Baseball Tonight explain things the way he does.

Love him.

There. I said it.


From Philly radio to DC radio... here's what's happening to Sportstalk 980 after Kornheiser takes off at the end of the month.


This post sums up three months' worth of Snakes on a Blog coverage and effort.

If you pay no further attention to all the/my Snakes on a Plane nonsense, at least promise you'll read this final post.


Likewise, yet another fantastic post from Aziz, this time a brief article he wrote for the Los Angeles Times on 24.

Funny stuff.


And finally, it looks like the Dems are gaining in the polls, and even treading on traditionally-GOP turf.

Which is good news for a leftie like me.

Now, why don't I know a damned thing that any of "my" politicans stand for, exactly?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


And just like that... the much-ballyhooed trip to Columbus is off.

Seems that Mike has the sniffles, or something, and so I'll be staying here through the remainder of the week, after all, excepting trips to and from the bars.

Kidding, sorta.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Mikey. One of these days, maybe, you'll let me see my nephew?


I wish I'd had my camera with me earlier this morning.

You know those traveling carnivals, the ones that tend to park in the parking lot of a mall for about a week or so, and then disappear?

Well, one was just "installed" at Landmark Mall, for those of you who know where that might be (Alexandria, VA). And as I drove by, I saw the ferris wheel, in mid-construction.

See, the ferris wheels don't come pre-constructed. There isn't some enormous suitcase that sits on a flatbed truck, waiting to be unpacked. But what I'd never understood was the process.

What I saw as I drove by was 3/4 of the ferris wheel... it stood about, what, 10-15 stories tall, and in the shape of a giant Pac-Man.

Not that one.

Close enough.

I'm not doing this any justice... but it looked very, very strange.

I wish I'd had my camera with me earlier this morning.


Guess what I have in my medicine cabinet?


If you're ever accused of a crime (and I hope you never are, by the way)... you might not want to do this.

Especially if you're a senator.

And especially if a camera is capturing the whole thing.


Great article on Ricky Gervais in the new GQ (UK version, I think).

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the guy I can't seem to shut the hell up about.


Speaking of Cool Brittania...



Conversely, while we're speaking of old athletes... this actually impresses the hell out of me.


Funny review of Basic Instinct 2, especially the last paragraph.


Eminem's bad month continues. Rest in peace, Proof.


I'm scared to test my new jacuzzi tub.

Maybe because this is what comes out when you turn the jets on?


Q: What do you mean, you might be going away again?

A: Well, I'd like to see my nephew, if that's alright with you. So... as long as it's not a problem with Mike and Michelle, I might be driving up to Columbus tomorrow and staying there through Friday.

Q: But you just got back online!

A: Well, why don't you just cry about it, saddlebags?

Q: Er, OK. Take pictures. What else is going on... tell us more about the move!

A: I'll take pictures. But with respect to the move, there's nothing much to tell, really. A move's a move, you know? Hopefully, you'll come over to the new place and check it out soon.

Q: I've been meaning to ask you... how come you haven't featured any rodeo-related news lately?

A: Isn't it obvious? It's because ESPN alumnus Brett Haber hadn't gone to the rodeo until very recently.

Q: Ah. Looks like he's going to have some free time on his hands, huh?

A: Yup. I hope he knows about this tip for his jet ride home.

Q: Whatever. Tell me, has there been anything new on the Snakes on a Plane front?

A: Plenty. Check out "Snakes on a Blog," over there on the right. I will point you to this little essay in the meantime, however... funny stuff. Beware of spoilers, though.

Q: Hey, did you see that whole Harry thing?

A: What, you mean this?

Q: No, not Prince Harry... Harry Taylor.

A: Of course I did. Have you seen the "fan sites"?

Q: I hadn't. God bless him.

A: Yeah... on that godly note, a completely awkward segue into the completely not safe for work world of Wonder Showzen. When you get home, please check out the "Beat Kids" segment of "Li'l Dead Pope."

But not until you get home. I don't want to get you fired, like Brett Haber.

And while we're on the subject, here's something else you probably shouldn't check out at work, unless you turn the sound down all nice and quiet-- Reservoir Dogs, re-enacted in 30 seconds, by bunnies.

Q: Awesome.

A: Yep. But not as awesome as this story, written by one of the biggest Blur fans in the world (he's on the left), or something like that. Especially on the heels of Damon (he's on the right) announcing that the end is near for Gorillaz... it becomes incredibly poignant.

Q: No it doesn't.

A: No, it doesn't.

Q: Promise to write if you go away?

A: If you're good. But it's hard to type when you've got a baby in your lap.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Our Long National Nightmare is Over (Almost)

The move went extraordinarily well... thanks for everyone who's been checking in on me.

Despite getting no sleep last night-- I think there were simply too many things on my mind of the "to-do" variety (as opposed to the "honey-do" variety)-- everything has gone phenomenally well. I'm 99% of the way there, which is pretty shocking given that the movers were here roughly 24 hours ago.

The last piece of the puzzle to fall into place was getting the Internet connection up and running. It could have been easier, but the long and the short of it is that I'm online now. And that's all that counts.

I'm gonna run out to Office Depot or Staples and get a new desk chair (I'm on my knees now, har)... but I'll be back in awhile to... er... ramble some more.


Be warned, though... now that I'm "back," I might be going away again for the remainder of the week.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Congratulations, J. Fergus!

Seems that we're witnessing a run of births... my sister, last week, and now comes word that John Ferguson and Lori Vaughan have had their second child, Ethan.

I haven't spoken with John in forever, but I'm absolutely thrilled for him. Just glowing on his behalf, whether he knows it or not.

And would you believe that one Robert Goldman is expecting twins in the next week or so? Cripes!

Where the Fun Begins

Oh, dear Lord.

Prior to grabbing a few drinks at Bailey's last night, Jeff and I hit Best Buy.

I picked up an all-in-one printer and a crap-ass-but-serviceable DVD player, so that worked out very well.

My current printer has become so horrendously untrustworthy that I'm ready to go all Office Space on it.

Anyway, no problems with those (comparatively small) purchases whatsoever; I got some things that I definitely needed.

But it was what Jeff and I did beforehand-- we journeyed into the unbelievably alluring HDTV section of the store-- that will invariably lead to trouble. Or, conversely, a lot of houseguestery (!) in the future.

Now, Jeff didn't talk me into buying anything I wasn't already interested in, per se... and I didn't buy anything last night, to be clear... but I think I'll be doing some serious damage in the coming weeks and months.

I'll probably wait a little while for some of the TVs to go on sale (insert joke here)... but rest assured... there will be some excellent sports-watching at my place later this year.

All are welcome.


In other news, if you are a conservationist, or if you simply have an incredibly small bathroom... you might be interested in this.


Just look at who Pearl Jam has as their opening acts.

They always pick great openers, but that is ridiculous.

Robert Pollard, in case you're unaware, is the lone permanent member of Guided by Voices.


It's been a few days since I've provided any Snakes on a Plane linkage.

Let's remedy that with somebody's ASCII drawing.


One last salute to Peter Tomarken, who is with God, now.

I don't remember this guy, but he beat the Whammies, and trumped the hell out of Press Your Luck.

You magnificent bastard!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome, My Friends, to the Show that Apparently Never Ends

Good morning, all.

And a very special "good morning" to all the new readers... the teeming millions who apparently can't seem to get enough of, well, whatever the hell it is that they can't seem to get enough of.


You know, I don't really mind you staying here, reading, swearing, muttering, typing... really, I don't. You're not bothering me at all.

But if you want my advice? Let it go. Move on with your lives.

You'll feel better about yourselves in the morning.

You know who you are.


If you're still angry, however, perhaps you should play with this for awhile.



Speaking of real music, I found two live versions of the same song, yesterday. Arguably the finest pop song of our lifetimes, whether you want to pick apart the lyrics and debate whether it's about a girl, or heroin, or something else altogether, or whether you just kinda like the music, and that's that.

Sometimes, see, you just know a song is great. You just know.

And really, isn't that knowledge far more important than anything that some no-name internet geek has to say? All that matters is what makes you happy, kids.

Your parents should have taught you that.

Either way, watch the La's on Letterman in 1991 (dig that longbox!), or last year in Japan, performing "There She Goes."

It'll make you feel good.


Last YouTube link of the day, I promise, can be found here. As I struggle with my weight (for those of you who don'tknow what I look like, I top four bills), I often debate whether or not I should just

(ride the snake)

After a long time trying to decide, I decided to go on the program. I've lost 85 pounds in the last three days-- thank YOU, Jimmy Tango!


You're still angry, aren't you?

Well, someone once said that anger leads to suffering, or something like that. And they weren't just whistlin' Dixie.

Check out what awaits you, if you don't keep your eyes peeled.


Oh, Marshall.

Look on the bright side.

Now you've got some fresh content and inspiration for your next album, and you can stop that odd downward spiral you've been on.

Sampling Martika? Really???


Nice list of the top 25 Georgia-based artists here, and news of yet another R.E.M. "reunion" here.


Wait, what???

On that note, sort of, you should really stop by the Jaker and congratulate him on his recent nuptials.


Finally, to cleanse the palate completely... the latest Bill Simmons diary. I now have a link to "SG World" over on the right, so I'll probably stop posting these links... but this one was too good to ignore.


T-minus two days, and cahnnnnnn-ting...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fluffy Little Pixels

One does not wait to post news about Bob Ross, let alone Bob Ross starring in his own video game.

If this is an April Fool's joke, a few days late, than a pox on all your houses for getting me excited.

the vorstand circus - all truth now
billy bragg - bush war blues
pearl jam - parachutes
ghostface killah - the champ
the zutons - why won't you give me your love

Women's Hoops

According to league sources, the Eagles will be hosting the more-dreaded-than-ever Cowboys on Christmas Day.

Terrell Owens and Bill Parcells, coming to Philadelphia for Monday Night Football.


That is going to be one hell of a messed up crowd.


I know, I know... I was supposed to stop caring about women's basketball roughly 9 months ago. But last night's overtime win by the Lady Terps over Duke was something special. For a bunch of underclasswomyn to take out a group consisting mostly of seniors, and for Maryland to come back from a 13-point deficit... they deserve a good deal of credit, right?

So, yes-- if only for today, Cheer the Turtle!

To say nothing of the fact that, as a result of Maryland's win, the public was spared seeing that Dukie do "the Twist" in honor of her father, Chubby Checker.

Duke lost, so no dancing.

The world keeps on turning.


Jesse Jackson is up in arms about the fan who threw the syringe at Barry Bonds, complaining that baseball needs to go after him.

Please, please, please go away, Jesse.

No one asked.

And baseball has a few other legitimate issues that it needs to focus on, if I'm not mistaken.


Had a good night out with Jay last night, but of course, I forgot to bring him all the DVDs and CDs I'd borrowed from him.

Such a small thing, but it upset the hell out of me.

Brainfarts. Hate 'em.


This comes a couple of days late, but the cast of The Office put together a whole bunch of fake "The More You Know" ads for April Fool's Day.

Really funny, even if you're not a fan of the show.

One thing-- was Carell too busy?


I know that you're going to be following a number of teams in this year's World Cup.

Whether you're a fan of the United States (yeah, sure, I guess) or Togo (woo hoo!), check out your favorite teams' blogs here.


After crying like a little bitch, here's what to do if your iPod goes all kablooey.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I am not watching 24 this season. The reason why is that I saw the exact same plot/arc in seasons two and three, and...

That's not really the reason. Actually, I just missed the first few episodes this year, and so it became impossible to catch up.

So... the death of Edgar was, like, totally lost on me.


I didn't watch the NCAA final last night, either. With George Mason out of the running, I simply couldn't be bothered.

Hell, even when they were still in the running, I couldn't really be bothered, to tell you the truth.

I did, however, check in with last night's game every once in awhile... guy's duty and all... only to find that Coach Snooze, Yannick's Son and the rest of the Gators had a double-digit lead every time I did. So I don't feel as though I missed anything. Hardly seems like it was a classic.


So, with those mini-bitches out of the way, here's what did get my attention last night:

(5) Opening day of the baseball season. I thought I'd be more excited about this, but after watching a minute here and a minute there, I realized that I was watching baseball in April.

(4) A commercial for Wednesday's new South Park. Lame, right? Yes... but on this week's episode, it looks like they're going to be taking on Family Guy in some way, shape or form. Which makes for a "worlds colliding" kind of situation.

(3) The wind. I grabbed some take-out, for a change, last night, and no sooner was I in my car than I saw cloud formations that looked downright Biblical. Seems I'd ignored some tornado warnings that were probably on every radio and TV station possible. Anyway, everywhere I went, I saw people looking up at the sky, as if it was Independence Day or something. Very freaky. And of course, the entire night was spent wondering if my house would be destroyed before I got the chance to sell it.

(2) Ricky Gervais guesting on The Daily Show. Major "worlds colliding" situation here. Fantastic stuff from both guys. Most notable point of the interview? Jon Stewart referencing a recent trip to London, where he spent most of his time hosted by Gervais... and mentioning that with him was one David Javerbaum. My ex-boss' brother-in-law, co-author of America: The Book, and all-around great guy/recipient of press releases written by yours truly. Which is to say... that's as close as I'll ever get to "iPodge."

(1) Barry Bonds: Day One. Look what happened to poor Barry!

Monday, April 03, 2006

The State I Am In

Thanks to everyone who's been asking about my sister... Michelle and Mike and (most importantly) Ryan are all doing great, and are all due to come home this afternoon.

My parents tell me that Ryan is a bundle of energy, and a really cute kid.

I can't wait to see him. There's a chance that I'll get out there next week, but it depends on how things go, and what the new parents want. I'll just have to use my imagination until I see him, I guess.

Either way, I'm still buzzing. I had a wonderful weekend, simply on the basis of knowing how great everything seems to be in Columbus.

Way to go, sis!


Everytime I pack another box, I realize that 80 more await me. The house really does seem to be bottomless at this point, to the point of madness. We've given tons away to Goodwill already, and we may still have a few donations/trips to come over the next few days, depending on what we find.

Unless I'm underestimating the size of my new apartment (and I don't think I am)... I have no idea where all the crap that I'm taking is going to fit.

Guess the parents are going to have to take back all those shoeboxes full of baseball cards, after all. ;)


Yesterday, I met up with Jeff for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Clarendon.

I parked behind my new place, and walked through the building for the first time since I signed my lease. And honestly? I think it's gonna be pretty fucking stellar.

To say nothing of it's proximity to everything in and around Clarendon. It was a sunny day out, yesterday, tons of people out and about, and... it was just great.

On the basis of location alone, I'm a big fat winner.


The comments to my review (see the below post) continue this morning. It's pretty great, and on so many levels. The writers at Harmonium are standing by my side, as if they need to (they really don't, to be clear)... while the fans of the band continue to flail away at... well, at air, effectively.

Am I odd for thinking that the people who respond to negative reviews like mine are like the people who write Letters to the Editor to Entertainment Weekly or Parade Magazine?

Seriously, people. Get out of the house. I mean, good on you for defending something that's important to you, I guess... but move on.

I'm just one person. And if a band like Tally Hall makes you happy... isn't that all that matters?


If the phrase "Snootch to the Nootch!" means anything at all to you, you're going to want to check out the new trailer for Clerks 2. Careful, though, as it's mildly dirrrrrrrrty.

And not to spoil anything (least of all a trailer), but the opening sequence with Jay and Silent Bob made me shoot milk out my nose.



Speaking of dirty, Blur is talking about a new album. It still seems to be pretty far off in the future, but... it's a nice thought, anyway.


And while we're on the subject of NME fodder (and when aren't we?), a fan (uh-oh, trouble) made a very cool video for, of all things, "Fitter Happier."

Well worth a peek.


I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't seen the Flaming Lips perform live... but at least I can take solace in these beauuuuuutiful pictures.

I'm sure a Tally Hall show is more fun, though... so take these shots with a grain of salt.


Remember my Dragon Day post from last week?

Well, Cornell has been goodly enough to post some shots from this year's parade. This terrific shot of the dragon atop Rand Hall on the main page seems to provide the best view, but it's worth surfing for a moment or two.


Finally... it looks like we all missed something most excellent, indeed.

San Dimas High School football rules!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Some of you might recall my recent lambasting of an awful album by a group named Tally Hall.

As Jed pointed out, the Tally Hall legions are furious with me, or at the very least, with my review... and it's hysterical. A sample (unedited) response, if you'll permit me to share it with you:

you obviously have a strange and acquired taste in music. i just don't
understand how you can dislike tally hall. your review also showcases a great deal of ignorance furthermore you fail to realize the significance of a band who can have meaningful lyrics (which you probably dont understand either) and funny laughable songs. the memebers on tally hall has real talent that you cannot appreciate. i understand that people have different tastes but the points you make have no validity for backing up your statements.

good day,

You can find the review here. Please feel free to thumb through the other comments, including one which notes that:

(1) "'Ruler of Everything' and 'Spring and a Storm' are melodic wonderworlds," and
(2) "It’s funny to see a white man rap."