Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Best Day of the Year

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news to report today. My sister Michelle gave birth yesterday to a beautiful baby boy named Ryan Harrison Roche.

Ryan came almost a full month early, but thankfully, the delivery went extremely well. Husband Mike, Michelle and Ryan are all doing swimmingly, and have made all of us extraordinarily happy and proud.

As soon as I have pictures, I'll post a few (if I'm permitted, that is).

If I had to guess, I'll probably be returning to Columbus next week, at some point after my move on Sunday. Things are still up in the air, and to be honest, I'm the least important part of their equation right now... but if I can go and lend a hand (and not get in the way), I'd certainly love to do so.

Way to go, Mich!!!

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