Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Even the eight people in Stuart Scott's ESPN chat this afternoon hate Stuart Scott:

Mike D (Manchester, CT): Are you angry that no one cares about your chat because everyone is either talking to Bill Simmons or Tye Hill....When ESPN tells you have to do something like this, do you just dread it?

Stuart Scott: (2:42 PM ET ) Mike D---Actually, I'm angry that you've taken your valuable time to scan the chat rooms and realize Sports Guy has a chat at the same time. I wasn't aware. I'm angry that you don't have more of a life, and want to give you a hug and console you.

Stuart Scott: (2:43 PM ET ) PS Also, knowing computers, you figured out a way I can count my chatters and care enough count Bill's chatters...I'm not that advanced.

Brooks (New Orleans): Stu, can we all agree that you are the least hip person at all of ESPN? I'm including Beano Cook.

Stuart Scott: (2:51 PM ET ) Brooks--Heavens to Betsy, Brooksie....Oh gosh, I am rather insulted. Appalled, even. Jeepers. never expected such a tumultous feeling inspired by the wisdom and wit of your mind. Gollygeewillikers. If you see me in person, please come to my face and express those same sentiments. I would be honored to indulge in such a conversation.

Stuart Scott: (2:51 PM ET ) On that note, take care everyone. See you next time. Thanks for checking in. --Stu

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