Tuesday, April 11, 2006


And just like that... the much-ballyhooed trip to Columbus is off.

Seems that Mike has the sniffles, or something, and so I'll be staying here through the remainder of the week, after all, excepting trips to and from the bars.

Kidding, sorta.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Mikey. One of these days, maybe, you'll let me see my nephew?


I wish I'd had my camera with me earlier this morning.

You know those traveling carnivals, the ones that tend to park in the parking lot of a mall for about a week or so, and then disappear?

Well, one was just "installed" at Landmark Mall, for those of you who know where that might be (Alexandria, VA). And as I drove by, I saw the ferris wheel, in mid-construction.

See, the ferris wheels don't come pre-constructed. There isn't some enormous suitcase that sits on a flatbed truck, waiting to be unpacked. But what I'd never understood was the process.

What I saw as I drove by was 3/4 of the ferris wheel... it stood about, what, 10-15 stories tall, and in the shape of a giant Pac-Man.

Not that one.

Close enough.

I'm not doing this any justice... but it looked very, very strange.

I wish I'd had my camera with me earlier this morning.


Guess what I have in my medicine cabinet?


If you're ever accused of a crime (and I hope you never are, by the way)... you might not want to do this.

Especially if you're a senator.

And especially if a camera is capturing the whole thing.


Great article on Ricky Gervais in the new GQ (UK version, I think).

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the guy I can't seem to shut the hell up about.


Speaking of Cool Brittania...



Conversely, while we're speaking of old athletes... this actually impresses the hell out of me.


Funny review of Basic Instinct 2, especially the last paragraph.


Eminem's bad month continues. Rest in peace, Proof.


I'm scared to test my new jacuzzi tub.

Maybe because this is what comes out when you turn the jets on?

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