Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Change of Plans

My morning:

1. At 5am, the alarm goes off.

2. At 5:10am, I discover that the door to my building's gym is locked, and that the gym is only supposed to be open from 6am - 10pm, and not a minute before. The past several mornings? Aberrations.

3. At 5:55am or so, I get into the city (I drove in because of my thing tonight).

4. At 6:15am, after 15-20 minutes of circling the same several blocks over and over again, the first parking lot near my building opens, despite numerous signs to the contrary.

5. I sign in at 6:30am so I could write this (don't worry; I'm not billing for this nonsense).

I have wasted an hour of my day, but worse, I have done so in the 5am block. When any normal person would be asleep.

Lesson: I think my schedule might wind up being a tad different than what I wrote about below.

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