Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chaos Theory

Is there anything that is, at the same time, more exciting, confusing, annoying, gratifying, embarrassing, and ultimately hysterical than botching a meal you try to make for the very first time?

Case in point: tonight's attempt at Spicy Thai Beef Strips.


I mean, it feels good (for the first time in years) to cook... but perhaps we should have noted that our food processor DID NOT WORK before we started things.

Or that when the recipe calls for the steak to be cut up into 1/8 inch strips, we should have cut the steak into 1/8 inch strips, and not 1/4 inch, or 1/2 inch strips.

And by "we," of course, I mean "me."

The putz.

Creator of inedible entrees.


This is exactly what I wanted to do, though. Ruin a few meals, hit a few home runs (hopefully more of the latter), not be so frightened to try things. For some reason, in the (*ahem*) "old days," that's how it was. I was apprehensive to so much as walk into the kitchen.

No more. It might take a while, but I'd like to give it the old college try.

So, in time, I'll be a sous chef. For now, I'm merely in danger of getting sued.




I think that I'm done buying things for the time being, by the way. I bought myself a new phone for the apartment today, and a few other odds and ends for the kitchen, and... I'm broke, now.

Brother, can you spare a dime?


Congratulations to Rob and Debbie on the birth of Alex Jacob and Sydney Isla!


Jill said...

maybe start with a few easy pasta know?

come up to NYC and I'll give you some cooking lessons (and, no , they won't all be vegetarian!)

David said...

Thanks, dear. And I'll mix those in, but I think that even *I* can do those without much trouble.

I want to take some intermediate steps, at this point.

Though now that I've said that out loud, I'll probably wind up with ziti and Ragu all over the carpet. :(