Sunday, April 30, 2006


Three lunches with old friends... seeing Elf Power... getting my first paycheck... hanging with the guys watching the NFL Draft... installing my new TV... seeing Mom and Dad...

It's been a very good couple of days. And I'm pretty much spent. I'll be going to bed at 7pm or so.

But I will tell you one thing, before I conk out:

Stephen Colbert's got balls. I mean, to do this to the President's face... I mean, you'd think that Bush was some kind of bear, and Colbert was... someone who hated bears with a passion.

Wait a minute...

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.


Staying close to politics, please click on Ask a Republican. Representative Martin has three new (short) videos up, each one being more informative (and hysterical) than the next.

God bless America.


Also, stop by The Jaker, whose last three posts have all been stellar.


Give it up for these nerds.

Super Mario Brothers: The Stage Show.


Congratulations to Scott and Nancy on the birth of Joshua Brandon Wolfson!!!


Anonymous said...

I am curious to find out why you have not posted your feelings regarding the draft yesterday.

Also, I have been reading your blog for some time now and would have thought that you would relent on your no porn agenda. I enjoy your commentaries, but could use just a wee little porn as well.

David said...

Glad you've been reading... sir? Madam?

Re: the Iggles, I am in a virtual tizzy. Landing Bunkley and Justice alone would have made this a successful draft, but I think they've filled a number of potential need areas. I was concerned they'd go for a WR way too early... but they did the smartest things possible in nearly every round, and were lauded as such by the ESPN/NFLTV staff at every turn (that I saw, anyway).

An active draft, one in which they had definite targets (hence their trade-ups in nearly every round), and one in which they addressed team needs? This is an easy "A," and more likely than not, their best draft (potentially) since 2002.

What "no porn agenda"? I could link to porn, I suppose... but then I'd be doing the work of Google. And Google does it better.

Plus, I can't personalize the porn for my readers the way you can for yourself. Sir. Madam. How could I know what you're in the mood for when I don't even know your gender?

Keep reading... thanks.

David said...

Damnit. Andrew?



Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with these three guys. What is a Dmitris?

You say that you are unable to personalize links, so that you cannot go back on your "no porn agenda." This doesn't seem to make sense. The whole crux of the blog idea is that you are expressing what you are interested in. Your expansion into porn should be no different.

David said...

A Dmitris is a Greek who cares not for his mother.

And re: porn, I think you're implying that I have an interest in said porn. Alas, I do not... unless we're talking hardcore midget stuff.

Or snuff films, of course.