Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Night Links

Before I go out, or watch a movie, or go to sleep (I have CHOICES!)... some things that I've been meaning to post.

1) If you've been watching ESPN at all over the past week or two, then you'll already be familiar with this story. When I first saw the feature, though, it felt like melodrama-- over-produced, and a bit too schmaltzy (mostly because of Chris Connelly's sappy delivery).

But then I saw the footage. The footage of this week's tournament. And all I'll say is that if you can read this story about 13-year old Dakoda Dowd and her terminally ill mother and not be affected... well, you're a better person than I.


2) In addition to being a hack late-night host, Jay Leno hates gays.

3) I just discovered that Eugene Mirman has a blog. Maybe I'm the last one on this, I dunno... but it makes me look forward to seeing him that little bit more.


Thought I had more, but I don't... not really. Is it too early to go to bed?

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