Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I am not watching 24 this season. The reason why is that I saw the exact same plot/arc in seasons two and three, and...

That's not really the reason. Actually, I just missed the first few episodes this year, and so it became impossible to catch up.

So... the death of Edgar was, like, totally lost on me.


I didn't watch the NCAA final last night, either. With George Mason out of the running, I simply couldn't be bothered.

Hell, even when they were still in the running, I couldn't really be bothered, to tell you the truth.

I did, however, check in with last night's game every once in awhile... guy's duty and all... only to find that Coach Snooze, Yannick's Son and the rest of the Gators had a double-digit lead every time I did. So I don't feel as though I missed anything. Hardly seems like it was a classic.


So, with those mini-bitches out of the way, here's what did get my attention last night:

(5) Opening day of the baseball season. I thought I'd be more excited about this, but after watching a minute here and a minute there, I realized that I was watching baseball in April.

(4) A commercial for Wednesday's new South Park. Lame, right? Yes... but on this week's episode, it looks like they're going to be taking on Family Guy in some way, shape or form. Which makes for a "worlds colliding" kind of situation.

(3) The wind. I grabbed some take-out, for a change, last night, and no sooner was I in my car than I saw cloud formations that looked downright Biblical. Seems I'd ignored some tornado warnings that were probably on every radio and TV station possible. Anyway, everywhere I went, I saw people looking up at the sky, as if it was Independence Day or something. Very freaky. And of course, the entire night was spent wondering if my house would be destroyed before I got the chance to sell it.

(2) Ricky Gervais guesting on The Daily Show. Major "worlds colliding" situation here. Fantastic stuff from both guys. Most notable point of the interview? Jon Stewart referencing a recent trip to London, where he spent most of his time hosted by Gervais... and mentioning that with him was one David Javerbaum. My ex-boss' brother-in-law, co-author of America: The Book, and all-around great guy/recipient of press releases written by yours truly. Which is to say... that's as close as I'll ever get to "iPodge."

(1) Barry Bonds: Day One. Look what happened to poor Barry!


Amy said...

Ah, Uncle Dave, I've missed your commentary since law school. It's nice to find that I can get a fix anytime now!

Add another reader to the lists. . .but just from plain ol L'ville. Not even the ATL.

C'mon down sometime to visit. I'll have sweet tea and homemade biscuits awaitin'. . . and I live far from the law school, so you won't have to go anywhere near it! ;-p

With love, the muppet

David said...


Thanks for checking in, Amy!