Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More on the New Place

Lots and lots to keep me busy today... which is just as well, as I've got nothing but time... being here in Arlington.

Yep, Arlington.

Not Columbus.



After getting roughly 2 hours of sleep on Sunday night, I have fallen into a much better sleep pattern over the past several days.

And whether it's because my bedroom permits less light to peek in, or because of something else entirely (air circulation? noises? not having to worry about anyone else walking in on me?), I've been sleeping like an absolute log. Hard to say why I notice this, exactly, but I have not been waking up in the middle of the night with the frequency I was at the "old" place.

Let's hope that continues.

Along those lines, I've also begun to switch to a more normal "shift."

Meaning that, rather than waking up at 5:30am and going to bed by 10:30pm, I've been staying in bed later and going to sleep later.

Like a normal person, in other words. Similarly, my eating schedule has experienced a similar shift.

These are things I'd hoped would take effect. They might sound insignificant, but the constant urge to eat lunch at 10:30am pissed me (and, probably, my friends and co-workers) off.


Another interesting side effect of the new place?

Turning the wrong way.

I'd lived in the townhouse for 4-5 years. And whether I realized it or not at the time, I could have made it through every inch of the house blindfolded. It became intuitive, as it would for any of you.

Now that I'm in a new place... even with my eyes wide open, I'm walking into walls, I'm feeling (literally) disoriented, and (worst of all) I'm turning the shower dial to "hot" when I want "cold," and vice versa.

All of this will change for the better, in time... but it's odd to realize that this is quite literally a new setting, in the truest sense of the word.


Jeff was my first visitor last night. And true to form, he brought a way-more-than-generous and completely-unnecessary housewarming gift... though that nice overture was killed by the fact that he wrinkled his nose upon entry.

He wrinkled his nose!

Apparently, my apartment smells like ass.

Not really. But it does still smell like a professionally cleaned apartment. It smells like "new," which is all he was detecting.

Of course, this instantly gave me a complex, so I started spilling different varieties of vinegar all over the carpet, and on the ceiling, and over the furniture, in order to mask the aroma of miscellaneous cleaning agents.

So now, my place smells like vinegar.

Goddammit, why in the hell did I do that?

Anyway. Thanks for the Grey Goose, Jeff. Enjoy the Raconteurs.


John Marzano is to baseball what Ron Jaworski is to football.

Just watch. At some point, he'll get a network gig, and he'll impress the hell out of all of you. Right now, he contributes to Philly-based WIP, so all he really does is local coverage and analysis... but I'm telling you, I've never heard anyone on Baseball Tonight explain things the way he does.

Love him.

There. I said it.


From Philly radio to DC radio... here's what's happening to Sportstalk 980 after Kornheiser takes off at the end of the month.


This post sums up three months' worth of Snakes on a Blog coverage and effort.

If you pay no further attention to all the/my Snakes on a Plane nonsense, at least promise you'll read this final post.


Likewise, yet another fantastic post from Aziz, this time a brief article he wrote for the Los Angeles Times on 24.

Funny stuff.


And finally, it looks like the Dems are gaining in the polls, and even treading on traditionally-GOP turf.

Which is good news for a leftie like me.

Now, why don't I know a damned thing that any of "my" politicans stand for, exactly?

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