Saturday, April 15, 2006


1. Did I mention I got a job? Contract work, in the city, starting Monday... so I'll know more about it, then. But it *might* affect the frequency of my posts (shudder).

2. Did I mention this week's rollout of Google Calendar? I'm already on board, and a big fan. Very easy to use, it's got a good look... I'd give it a 9.2.

3. Did I mention I've been thinking about religion in this country? It's because of this page, which I've been looking at for days, now. It breaks down census data from 2000 in a number of different ways... and it is completely fascinating. Be sure to right-click on the images and zoom in on them... they're a bit small, as they sit on the page.


just finished:

"silent bob speaks," by kevin smith (3 out of 5)

just started:

"the case for hillary clinton," by susan estrich (3 out of 5, so far)

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