Friday, April 28, 2006


I got my results back, and they came back positive.

Four of the women I met on Wednesday night want to get together again. More responses might be coming in the next few days, or not... but four certainly isn't a bad number, considering that I only said "yes" to five or six, myself.

The one or two stragglers? I haven't heard from them yet (in other words, I didn't get an out-and-out "no"). So there still might be a chance.

Which is good news, I suppose.


A quick hello to the very busy Kyle Leafblower... hope you finish all your work, and that you let me buy you that beer at the Hockey Night show next month.

Everybody visit, everybody understand.


If I may crib a line from Ryan's favorite band, this boy is exhausted. Last night's show went until 12:30-- not so late, all things considered. But when combined with my stupid schedule... it makes for a miserable 6:30am feeling. Let's hope the coffee (Mocha Nut Fudge, btw) helps.

The reason I'm here so early (why I didn't sleep in an extra hour, in other words), is that I've got another lunch date (shouldn't use that word, here) with old Emory Law buddy Jim O'Connell today, which might easily end up being a relaxed hour or two.


I might need to run home, to be in the apartment between 12:45pm and 2:45pm, for the special delivery. Apparently, that's the time they chose to come by, without my input, and while I tried to change that time yesterday... their office is closed on Thursdays. Who knew that anyone was closed on Thursdays?

I digress. If I'm not able to change the time this morning, I'll have to go home-- and that's at least a 3-hour chunk of day I'm looking at. Lunch with Jim could also take some time. And so, to compensate... I'm here at the crack of dawn.

None of this even factors in the visit from Comcast I'm getting this evening, between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

So I'm a slave to others' schedules today, to say the least.


Last night's show was a mixed bag. On one hand, when I showed up at the club early (SHOCK) to get tickets, I met Andrew Rieger, the lead singer of Elf Power, and got to speak with him for a bit. I couldn't even begin to tell you how or why I recognized him, but there you go. He was a Really Nice Guy; he even agreed to an interview with me at a later date for Harmonium (where, by the way, you can see that Streets review that I mentioned the other day).

So, that was cool.

The show itself, though, suffered due to a smallish and lackluster crowd. I would have guessed that Elf Power could draw more than 100 people on a Thursday night... but I would have been wrong. And those that were there, at IOTA, seemed more interested in a night out, drinking with friends, than a night with Elf Power.

The band was pretty sharp, given that it was on one of the earliest dates of their tour-- the new album was only just released this past Tuesday. But there was no energy, no buzz being returned to them... which was unfortunate.

More later... gotta do some work, y'know.


nada surf - if you leave (OMD cover)
elf power - will my feet still carry me home
paul westerberg - dyslexic heart
sam and dave - hold on, i'm coming
beirut - beluga

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