Monday, April 03, 2006

The State I Am In

Thanks to everyone who's been asking about my sister... Michelle and Mike and (most importantly) Ryan are all doing great, and are all due to come home this afternoon.

My parents tell me that Ryan is a bundle of energy, and a really cute kid.

I can't wait to see him. There's a chance that I'll get out there next week, but it depends on how things go, and what the new parents want. I'll just have to use my imagination until I see him, I guess.

Either way, I'm still buzzing. I had a wonderful weekend, simply on the basis of knowing how great everything seems to be in Columbus.

Way to go, sis!


Everytime I pack another box, I realize that 80 more await me. The house really does seem to be bottomless at this point, to the point of madness. We've given tons away to Goodwill already, and we may still have a few donations/trips to come over the next few days, depending on what we find.

Unless I'm underestimating the size of my new apartment (and I don't think I am)... I have no idea where all the crap that I'm taking is going to fit.

Guess the parents are going to have to take back all those shoeboxes full of baseball cards, after all. ;)


Yesterday, I met up with Jeff for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Clarendon.

I parked behind my new place, and walked through the building for the first time since I signed my lease. And honestly? I think it's gonna be pretty fucking stellar.

To say nothing of it's proximity to everything in and around Clarendon. It was a sunny day out, yesterday, tons of people out and about, and... it was just great.

On the basis of location alone, I'm a big fat winner.


The comments to my review (see the below post) continue this morning. It's pretty great, and on so many levels. The writers at Harmonium are standing by my side, as if they need to (they really don't, to be clear)... while the fans of the band continue to flail away at... well, at air, effectively.

Am I odd for thinking that the people who respond to negative reviews like mine are like the people who write Letters to the Editor to Entertainment Weekly or Parade Magazine?

Seriously, people. Get out of the house. I mean, good on you for defending something that's important to you, I guess... but move on.

I'm just one person. And if a band like Tally Hall makes you happy... isn't that all that matters?


If the phrase "Snootch to the Nootch!" means anything at all to you, you're going to want to check out the new trailer for Clerks 2. Careful, though, as it's mildly dirrrrrrrrty.

And not to spoil anything (least of all a trailer), but the opening sequence with Jay and Silent Bob made me shoot milk out my nose.



Speaking of dirty, Blur is talking about a new album. It still seems to be pretty far off in the future, but... it's a nice thought, anyway.


And while we're on the subject of NME fodder (and when aren't we?), a fan (uh-oh, trouble) made a very cool video for, of all things, "Fitter Happier."

Well worth a peek.


I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't seen the Flaming Lips perform live... but at least I can take solace in these beauuuuuutiful pictures.

I'm sure a Tally Hall show is more fun, though... so take these shots with a grain of salt.


Remember my Dragon Day post from last week?

Well, Cornell has been goodly enough to post some shots from this year's parade. This terrific shot of the dragon atop Rand Hall on the main page seems to provide the best view, but it's worth surfing for a moment or two.


Finally... it looks like we all missed something most excellent, indeed.

San Dimas High School football rules!!!

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