Thursday, April 20, 2006

Treading Water in Beirut

Not much goin' on today, for better or worse. So, rather than bore you with the minutiae of my workday, I'll drop a few shorties on you... and bore you that way.

1) This Spring, catch me on tour. I'll be heading out to see the following shows, if not more:

Elf Power (IOTA)

Hockey Night (IOTA)

Michael Showalter / Eugene Mirman (Black Cat)

eels (9:30 Club)

So join me, won't you?

2) FOH (friend of Harmonium) Ryan has officially gone crazy. In less than a week, he has turned out some crazy-ass content, and so doing, has already caught the attention of some of the bigger fellas in blogland. Music nerds, rejoice, and visit goodhodgkins.

3) I know that I've turned more than a few of you onto "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. Well, guess what? The video is even better. Check out the "Rorshach" version first, to watch Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse out-White Stripes Jack and Meg, and then check out the alternative take they busted out with on Top of the Pops. Both can be found hyah, as usual.

4) In less than a week, the bloggers have knighted a new band as the greatest thing in the whole wide world. So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, check out The Catbirdseat, Gorilla vs. Bear and Said the Gramaphone (amongst others) for your Beirut starter kit. It'll make you feel good.

5) Finally, this and this are fairly random links, but both caught my eye.


Ryan said...

i love you.

Ryan said...

wait i take that back

you misspelled my site's name. though i suppose you did owe me one.

David said...

fixed... sorry!