Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome, My Friends, to the Show that Apparently Never Ends

Good morning, all.

And a very special "good morning" to all the new readers... the teeming millions who apparently can't seem to get enough of, well, whatever the hell it is that they can't seem to get enough of.


You know, I don't really mind you staying here, reading, swearing, muttering, typing... really, I don't. You're not bothering me at all.

But if you want my advice? Let it go. Move on with your lives.

You'll feel better about yourselves in the morning.

You know who you are.


If you're still angry, however, perhaps you should play with this for awhile.



Speaking of real music, I found two live versions of the same song, yesterday. Arguably the finest pop song of our lifetimes, whether you want to pick apart the lyrics and debate whether it's about a girl, or heroin, or something else altogether, or whether you just kinda like the music, and that's that.

Sometimes, see, you just know a song is great. You just know.

And really, isn't that knowledge far more important than anything that some no-name internet geek has to say? All that matters is what makes you happy, kids.

Your parents should have taught you that.

Either way, watch the La's on Letterman in 1991 (dig that longbox!), or last year in Japan, performing "There She Goes."

It'll make you feel good.


Last YouTube link of the day, I promise, can be found here. As I struggle with my weight (for those of you who don'tknow what I look like, I top four bills), I often debate whether or not I should just

(ride the snake)

After a long time trying to decide, I decided to go on the program. I've lost 85 pounds in the last three days-- thank YOU, Jimmy Tango!


You're still angry, aren't you?

Well, someone once said that anger leads to suffering, or something like that. And they weren't just whistlin' Dixie.

Check out what awaits you, if you don't keep your eyes peeled.


Oh, Marshall.

Look on the bright side.

Now you've got some fresh content and inspiration for your next album, and you can stop that odd downward spiral you've been on.

Sampling Martika? Really???


Nice list of the top 25 Georgia-based artists here, and news of yet another R.E.M. "reunion" here.


Wait, what???

On that note, sort of, you should really stop by the Jaker and congratulate him on his recent nuptials.


Finally, to cleanse the palate completely... the latest Bill Simmons diary. I now have a link to "SG World" over on the right, so I'll probably stop posting these links... but this one was too good to ignore.


T-minus two days, and cahnnnnnn-ting...

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