Friday, April 07, 2006

Where the Fun Begins

Oh, dear Lord.

Prior to grabbing a few drinks at Bailey's last night, Jeff and I hit Best Buy.

I picked up an all-in-one printer and a crap-ass-but-serviceable DVD player, so that worked out very well.

My current printer has become so horrendously untrustworthy that I'm ready to go all Office Space on it.

Anyway, no problems with those (comparatively small) purchases whatsoever; I got some things that I definitely needed.

But it was what Jeff and I did beforehand-- we journeyed into the unbelievably alluring HDTV section of the store-- that will invariably lead to trouble. Or, conversely, a lot of houseguestery (!) in the future.

Now, Jeff didn't talk me into buying anything I wasn't already interested in, per se... and I didn't buy anything last night, to be clear... but I think I'll be doing some serious damage in the coming weeks and months.

I'll probably wait a little while for some of the TVs to go on sale (insert joke here)... but rest assured... there will be some excellent sports-watching at my place later this year.

All are welcome.


In other news, if you are a conservationist, or if you simply have an incredibly small bathroom... you might be interested in this.


Just look at who Pearl Jam has as their opening acts.

They always pick great openers, but that is ridiculous.

Robert Pollard, in case you're unaware, is the lone permanent member of Guided by Voices.


It's been a few days since I've provided any Snakes on a Plane linkage.

Let's remedy that with somebody's ASCII drawing.


One last salute to Peter Tomarken, who is with God, now.

I don't remember this guy, but he beat the Whammies, and trumped the hell out of Press Your Luck.

You magnificent bastard!!!

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jed said...

ok, because I have just gone through the HDTV selection process with a couple of friends AND because I like to pretend I'm an expert on every subject known to man, please let me know when you get down to the nitty gritty of selecting the TV so I can weigh in on the decision.