Thursday, May 04, 2006

Big Ups to Kurdistan

Following hot on the heels of last week, where I caught up with a number of long lost friends, today I grabbed lunch with one Ary Atrushi. Ary is an old co-worker of mine who hated me SO MUCH that he fled to Kurdistan for a year or two, working with the Kurdish government as an advisor, in a myriad of different capacities.

A couple of things brought him back this way, but the main thing is that he's back here, if only for now. Great guy, and I plan on grabbing a few cold beverages with him-- if only to learn some Kurdish curses.


My parents are heading out to California tomorrow for a wedding. They'll be away for a few days, so Michelle... if you want to throw Ryan's first kegger, let's coordinate ASAP.

Does Ryan know how to tap a keg, yet?


Did you see Lost last night? It was incredible, wasn't it???

I don't want to spoil anything, in case you missed it... but WOW. Lots of directions they can go from this point. Except that there's only four hours left in the season! Arggggghhhh!!!


I got a donut today.

I won't tell you why, but... I gave it back. It had nothing to do with me breaking one of the computers at work.

Not really.


Jed and I shared a geek moment today (one of many, rest assured), when I sent him this story about the greatest thing George Lucas has done since 1983.

You had to be there.


Hey, look! New Replacements, and new Radiohead! All at the same handy-dandy site!

Thank you, Heather.


Rip Bush a new one, give him praise when it's due.

I guess this qualifies... or comes close... or...

Whatever. I'll take it.


Does anyone else think that taunting the terrorists is a poor tactic?


Site of the Day.

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