Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Catching Up

These posts might be a bit more infrequent over the next few days... I'm going to be out on the town for the next several nights. At least, that's what my schedule looks like as of now.

So... I'll write when I can.


Just like old times, huh?


I used my new favorite toy-- my DVR-- to tape an episode of Ellen, yesterday.

Allow me to explain. My sister called me the other night, and left a frantic/hysterical message, saying that Samuel L. Jackson was going to be on the show, not only discussing Snakes on a Plane but showing a world premiere extended clip of some sort.

And as you know-- my world revolves around this farkakte movie.

I set the tape (or programmed the DVR... I suppose that's the more accurate phrase), I get home, turn it on... and see the show's open.

I'm in: the DVR worked!

Except that as soon as they come back from commercial, the local NBC affiliate cuts into the show with 20 minutes of live coverage of the recent police shootings in Fairfax County.

This report coincided perfectly with my SOAP time.

Michelle, I hope you watched and enjoyed yesterday's show.

Me? I seethed.


If I can reassert my masculinity, now...

Saturday night is boxing night. Everybody's going to be coming by (and you are welcome to join) for the repeat of de la Hoya - Mayorga.

Except that Jeff has suddenly bailed.

Jeff, who'd been talking about this for some time, has a wedding to attend, virtually out of nowhere.

I... am suspicious. I don't like this one li'l bit. As I told him yeseterday, it's just not like Jeff to miss sweaty, shirtless men knocking the crap out of one another.


The Beirut disc (Gulag Orkestar) continues to knock me and everyone else who hears it on our collective ass. Top 5 of the year, fo sho.

Yesterday's Harmonium featured a beautiful write-up by Jill, who is lucky enough to be seeing them very soon (or was it last night... huh) in NYC.

Gotta move to New York.



The new Radiohead tracks are... in my own, humble opinion, promising at best ("15 Step," "Bodysnatchers") and underwhelming at worst ("4 Minute Warning"... egads).

I can't tell if I simply got a bad recording of the opening night of the tour (Copenhagen 1), or whether the band should have veered even further away from guitars, as they'd been doing circa Kid A.

Can't wait to be proven wrong, either way.


Jeff and Liza are coming to visit next weekend...

I'll have to find a time to pencil them in. ;)


Welcome back from India, Lib... good to have you back.

Or as close to "back" as I'm gonna get.


Must... keep... running...

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Ryan's mama said...

To sum it up quickly...Samuel L Jackson and his clip were a bit of a let down. He seemed a bit big for his SOAP britches. The clip was oozing of kitch, but lacked anything more than that. They showed out-takes of snakes (and some BIG snakes at that,) but I didn't get a great feel for the plot of the movie or anything. Too bad.

Oh wait. It's called Snakes on a Plane. Yea, there's that sneaky plot!

Sadly, you didn't miss much on Ellen. But on Friday...Tom Cruise!

Oh, how I love being a house wife...and having a dvr!