Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home Alone

What a shitty night.

First the 95 degree temperature (with the wind chill-- or whatever the hell the meteorological term of art is-- making it feel like its 104 degrees or so), and now I've got this nausea, which came out of nowhere, late this afternoon.

I had to leave work like a thunderbolt (let's pretend I move that fast, ok?), and if it weren't for the fact that the Metro train I climbed onto was relatively empty (it must have been the second of two consecutive Vienna-bound trains)... God only knows what would have happened.

Here, I'd ordinarily paint a sick portrait of what would have happened... but I don't think I want to tempt the fates, just now.

So, I'm home. Not out with Andrew and AJ, not out with Teso, just... home.

Like I said-- shitty.

At least Rob called to check in, and made me laugh (what else is new?). That said, I had to stop him a few times. Nothing worse than having to avoid laughter for fear of bursting, is there?


So if I'm feeling this bad, why in God's name am I blogging? Probably because:

1) I'm a big fat nerd.

2) I've got the AC absolutely cranked.

3) I've changed clothes.

4) If I go to bed now, I'll wake up at 2am.

5) I'm afraid to eat.

6) There are no more Sopranos episodes left (they're all in the mail-- I botched the Netflix timing).


Maybe I'd feel better if I listed some of my favorite things as of late:

* Friday being my last day. My last day at work, that is.

* The World Cup is just around the corner. Hint: have a back-up team to support, or at least tape the Bono commercials (the games, I meant to say the games) so you'll have something to watch over the next three Junes.

* Setlist watching. Radiohead's sets have been nice, but Pearl Jam's have been otherworldly.

* Andy's house. Now with six new cats!

* My Blog Is Poop. This will come as a shock to none of you.

* Gmail Chat. Lord, have mercy.

* The Lost finale. I'm still buzzing.

* 3-armed babies. Deformities aren't funny, but they sure are fascinating.

* The DVR. I have no idea how I lived before getting my new favorite toy.

* Learning how to spell the word "dammit" correctly. One small step for man...

* 38 comments and counting. Are you freakin' kidding me?


Now, on to the links... an oldie but goodie to start:

Darth calls the Emperor.


Switching to local television...

From DCRTV... is Grady on the way out?

Jim Vance's Contract Talks With 4 "Turn Nasty" - 5/30 - FTVLive is reporting that negotiations between NBC's Channel 4/WRC and longtime news anchor Jim Vance (left) "have turned nasty and it could end up with the two sides parting ways." WRC and Vance are far apart on the negotiations and one source says that Vance has gone so far as to fire his agent. FTV adds that "NBC is quietly looking at resumes and a possible replacement for Vance." Vance's shows were number one in the most recent May ratings. Vance has been at WRC since 1969 and has been the main anchor since 1972. Sources tell FTV that both NBC and WRC have been trying to keep the news of bad negotiations a secret. The search for a possible replacement is being kept equally as quiet.....


Mandatory reading: a completely engrossing/horrifying German interview with the President of Iran.

I'm not kidding. Take the time to read this.


Please tell me that you saw D. Wade last night.

If not, watch the clips. You'll thank me later.


Gnarls Barkley have done it again... check out this alternate version of "Crazy" that they performed on Conan. Awesome.


Speaking of TV, have some theme songs.

What, no Mr. Belvedere?


Don't know if you saw this, but Bender just got off scott-free. F'real. Rest in peace, friend/nemesis to everyone in my generation.

And more from CNN's "killing my childhood" division: two words. Sting. Lute.

Why, God? Why??? The only way he could get me back is by including the following couplet somewhere on that album:

That is Bach and it rocks
It's a rock block of Bach
That he learned in the school
Called the school of hard knocks!

Give it up for KG, give it up for me,
Give it up for KG, give it up for me,
Give it up for rock,
Give it up for blues,
Give it up for everything that is not to lose.
Now rock your socks off woman,
We'll rock your shit up y'all.
Give it up children now to freak your shit out!
All right!


By the way-- click on that picture from Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Stare at Jables' codpiece. It merits your attention.

Jack Black is fucking ridiculous.


Finally, some Zach Galifianakis. Here's his Comedy Central special from a-ways back, which is pretty above-average.

So what, you cry?

Well, check out the last five minutes of the special. You might just piss your pants (and I mean that, of course, in a good way).

And if that's not enough Zach... a taste of his musical side.

The man's a genius.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

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