Thursday, May 25, 2006

Information Superhighway Wackiness

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

No personal content today (most of you already know that I got the recruiting job... hooray!).

Instead, I've simply got a lot of links I've been meaning to throw your way.


Just in case you haven't already floated this to everyone in your office... it's the history of dance.

Try to shut it off. I double-dog dare you.


Was that too much fun?

Well then picture George Will, William F. Buckley or even Charles Krauthammer standing (OK, sitting) in front of the brick wall at the local Chuckle Hut as you read this.


Speaking of Republicans and comedy... did anyone actually see Outfoxed?

If so, do you have any thoughts on it?

I don't have the time or care to learn about something I already know, so... unless FOX is up to something really super-sinister, I think I'll pass.


More comedy, NFL-style.

What's better? The very concept of Peyton Manning having a tattoo, or Peyton-choking comedy in general?


I have... no comment on this.

If Oprah wants to go there, then... by all means.


Nor do I have anything to say about this bit.

But I do know that a LOT of you have been wondering the same thing: "where's Ugueth been?"


Let's lighten the mood again... SPLASH!


Pearl Jam doing Storytellers this summer? DVR alert!


And even more alarming (in a literary/rock snob, worlds colliding-kinda way), read the second entry down.

If it means nothing to you, and it very well may not, I'll just tell you that to my eyes, it reads like this:



Antville has Nelly Furtado's new video. I think I may love her.

Or I may be prone to hyperbole. Either way.


Love you. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

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