Saturday, May 13, 2006

Links and Links and Links

Good morning to you. I’m waking up to us.

Where my head’s at this morning? Well, I’m still amazed that I even left the house at all last night, given that the newest Entertainment Weekly (special Lost edition, btw) and Esquire magazines showed up in the mail.

I must have had some exciting plans, huh?


Speaking of.

What rocked my world this morning, after dusting off the cobwebs?

First off, the simple point that I was able to sleep in until 9:15 or so. Let's start there. Maybe it's nothing special to you (although as most of you are in your 30s, you may actaully empathize)... but that's about the latest I've been able to stay in bed (in the morning, anyway) for a loooong time.

And I’m feeling good about this.

So don’t hate.


But enough about my sleep patterns. It wouldn't be me if I didn't prattle ("ramble," sorry) on and on about music. And after surfing around for a bit today, there were two, count ‘em, TWO big time thing-a-ma-whatsits that caught my eye this morning.

One was this.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I was never a Guns 'n Roses fan. I'm still not a Guns 'n Roses fan. And so I’m not trying to be a poseur here. But this whole Chinese Democracy thing, this whole fat-white-man-with-dreads thing... I'm completely fascinated.

Yes, most likely "fascinated" in the NASCAR sense of the word.

Anyway, to read that Axl may have pulled it off last night (sans Buckethead, which is criminal in my book)... and that the album is still (tentatively) slated to come out in the fall... well, it's almost enough to make me forgive him for looking like Geoff Tate (HEYNOW) crossed with an eggplant.


As an aside: more metal. Sounds like this would have been a great night all around, even if this particular paragraph gave me pause:

Guests included Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Motorhead frontman Lemmy, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett, and Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis. They reclined on couches scattered throughout the Music Box @ Fonda and imbibed alcohol-free refreshments, thus avoiding the risk of any public relapses.


The other thing that caught my eye was also caught by Scott Stereogum and by Aziz Ansari, who was apparently
as excited by this news as I was.

(Side note... are you reading this guy, yet? Is it not enough to know that he's one of the best comedians around, today? Does it take output like this (where he compares R. Kelly to a "one man, black version of Radiohead") to convince you? Or maybe you're just RACIST?)

Anyway. The big news, if you're not interested in clicking, is that Thom (from Radiohead, if you're still wondering) has a solo record coming out. And though it will likely contain little more than Autechre-style beeps and boops... you know I'm going to be all over it.

It's like Christmas. The new songs, the new tour, the new album... that was apparently not enough.

Thom just keeps on giving.

God bless that creepy-talented (creepy/talented?) little man.


One last thing on Radiohead, before I return you to the familiar.

Last night's setlist was borderline astonishing (they played "The Tourist," OMFG). But what they've also done is throw at least one fairly massive change-up to the hardcore dweebs like me.

All of us (RH geeks) ate up the orchestral version of "Arpeggi," from last year's Ether Festival, right? Slow, gorgeous, beautiful, yeah?

Well, thanks to Pitchfork, you can see what it's turned into. Somehow, it's gone from the fairly skeletal (aforementioned) beeps and boops to a potential monster. Those drums... are just terrific.

God, how I love this band.


Reason 826 why Europe just kills America:

A plan that allows European employers to cover their asses for the forthcoming World Cup summer.

Too funny.


Speaking of jobs, a co-worker of mine was reading the newest Bill Simmons column yesterday. It was a pretty good one-- a diary on a typical "Mike and the Mad Dog" show ("WFAN, New York").

But while my friend enjoyed the column... he told me that he'd never actually heard Chris Russo's voice.

Which is not to say that he missed the point of the article... not at all. But reading the Sports Guy's runs on Dog without knowing what he (Dog) sounds like... something's got to be missing, there.

Somebody needs to get this guy some MP3s, stat.


Fellow political junkies, rejoice.

The Jaker has updated his his presidential odds for the first time in awhile.




Even more cool, for some of you, anyway, might be this:

And I can do anything.


jane's addiction - then she did...
gnarls barkley - gone daddy gone
dead prez - hip hop (live)
we are scientists - hoppipola (live sigur ros cover)
nusrat fateh ali khan w/ eddie vedder - the face of love


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