Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day Edition

Just a quick entry before I head off to shul (!)...


Someone forwarded this to me today, and had they not let me know what was going on, and who was in the clip... I'd have been completely and totally lost.

That's one hell of a makeover you've got there, Chris Gaines.

Drove the Claymates nuts, anyway.


Speaking of "lost"... that was a hell of a season finale the other night. Not exactly what I thought it would be, but then I suppose that's half the fun... knowing that at any moment, Lost can go from story A to story B. Main characters can die, leave or get kidnapped (for a season at a time), and incidentals can be pushed to the fore.

Or, the entire show can be flipped on it's head, which is what happened as two Portuguese guys in the Arctic placed a phone call to a woman that no one had seen or known about before the evening started.

So... we got quite a few legit "answers," many of which were as satisfying as we could have hoped for... but by the time the credits rolled, we were left with the probverbial "more questions than answers."

Which again, should be a good thing... however much it drives us completely nuts.

Speaking of nuts, what was the deal with that foot (click to enlarge)?

And another question (one of 3,783)... how happy was Charles Dickens' agent by the end of the show? What publicity!


Chris, Jeff and I could watch this (profanity laced) clip about a million times, and we'd still be laughing afterwards.

Forgive us.

If Jeff were to watch that, and then click on this... his head might just explode.


Just say no, Diamond Dave.

Come to think of it... maybe you'd fare better on Idol.

Nah. Forget I said anything.


Have you visited goodhodgkins lately? In less than a few months, it has become the go-to site for... for...

For original content concerning bands you've probably never heard of!

But it's really good. So clicky, please.


Northeast, hello!


This is more for my benefit than for yours, perhaps... but I would have loved to have been at this show. This might have been the happiest room in the country on that particular evening.

Ilise, you'll be able to appreciate this more than most.

Ah, the good old days.


Alright, who let Pearl Jam have a sense of humor?

Was it you?

This clip was taken from a live set/webcast done for the Letterman show:

Fan requests for a song that hasn't been played since 1995 are met with... a negation.


Maybe we should all sign this.


Au revoir, amigos. Have a great holiday!

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