Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So Much to Say, So Little Time

It's been a busy couple of days for me, but I only have a little bit of time before a doctor comes by for a quickie exam. It's for an insurance policy I've recently added-- nothing more, nothing less. And it should take less than 15 minutes, which is no big deal... after which I can bugger off to work.

What fascinates me is that the last guy to make house calls surely had to be this man:


Not to re-use the phrase "leader in the clubhouse" so quickly, but a nice story about breast cancer awareness became the best baseball clip of the year over the weekend.

Hope you caught it.


From the pages of "I Guess I'm Something of a Ne'er Do Well"... several people were cut from the current project yesterday, including yours truly. Which might sound like a bad thing, except that I landed on my feet almost immediately thereafter, getting calls from multiple agencies as if on cue.

Suffice it to say that the next job will almost certainly be a better overall fit for me. Fewer hours, better location, that sort of thing.

And I won't even miss a day of work, as I'm starting on Wednesday, so... shed no tears.

Maybe I'll talk about this more at a later time... though, more likely, I won't. It's just one of those things, you know. Happens all the time, mmmmkay?


And anyway, I've got a boatload of fun plans for the weekend to worry about.

A sampling: I'll be going out for a nice (!) dinner on Friday night... and then first thing Saturday morning, Jeff, Liza and Sabrina are going to be in town. So, per usual, we'll get together for breakfast, I'll show them the apartment... it will be fun.

We'll probably go to Whitlow's, as that seems to be the place I take families with young kids.

And then Sunday is Lisa's triathalon. The best part of which will be, of course, that I will be watching, and not participating. I will, however, likely have my jaw agape, like so:

One day, maybe, I'll be able to run in that kind of race.



God, Damon, shut up.

"He who thinks by the inch, but speaks by the yard... should be moved by the foot."


Just trust me: even if you've never heard of this song, or this group, this is one of the best music videos of all time.


There's more to tell-- the disappointment that was the Showalter/Mirman show, and the disappointment that was the Hatton fight I watched with Chris...

... but why dwell on the negative?

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