Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Else is Neu!

1) I thought that tonight's episode of Lost only deserved a B+ (surprising, given some HUGE developments)... until the final image and the scenes for next week knocked the hell out of me.

2) Today's job also merited a B+, though in truth it may be too soon to tell. Either way, it promises to be a marked improvement over the last firm... even though there'll be a lot less Internet access at the new place (the horror!).

3) Today's phone calls, in the collective, warranted an A-... though only because Dad called me in the middle of Lost. Come on, now... you gotta know me better than that! ;)


Did I ever link to Wes Anderson's American Express ad?

If not, I should have. Love it.


Bored at work?

Here are some questions for your co-workers.

Make sure to wrinkle your nose at them and tell them they gave the "wrong" answers. Then leave to get a drink of water, so that they struggle and ask everyone else around them what was so "wrong" about what they said.

Comic gold, I tells ye.


Another solid music festival.

For such a large city, Washington is strangely empty-handed when it comes to these things.

And don't even try to tell me that the HFStival counts, Sublime fans. Just cram it.


Download this Lily Allen song. Trust me.

Or any other Lily Allen song, for that matter. She may be my new fave.

For tonight, anyway. You know how I roll.


I think I've heard this already, but in case it's news...

Award Tour 2006.


It's important to learn something new every day.


Finally, pardon my language, but Virginians?

Stay the fuck outta Baltimore.


radiohead - go slowly
nouvelle vague - the killing moon (echo & the bunnymen cover)
outkast - the mighty-o
professor longhair - big chief
muse - supermassive black hole

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Anonymous said...

I love that I call Baltimore my home!