Friday, June 30, 2006

Looking Over My Shoulder

It's been a pretty crap week, here. Got to admit it. The weather's been shit, a couple of my friends are having a tough go of things, my connection with Comcast is still going up and down like it's getting paid to do so... you know how it goes.

And twelve years ago this week, I came home from England.

All of this is combining together in a rather bad way.

What I mean by all this is... as so often happens... a long holiday weekend is coming at just the right time. I still don't know whether I'll have Monday off (and I won't know until close of business today, most likely), but either way... it'll be nice to shut down and relax. Or get some shit done around the house.

I just need a bit of a change-up, right now.


In the spirit of looking back, and to lift my mood a bit, I'd like to re-link to my favorite bit I've ever written here. A good many of you have already read this, but many of you have not: my four-part epic retelling (wink) of my experience at Wing Bowl 2005.

The reason I'm putting it up again (despite an appalling number of grammatical mistakes) is that somehow, the Wing Bowl has crept into a conversation or two this week, including one at work. So... competitive eating has been on the brain.

And beyond that, I have nothing else positive to contribute this morning.

The only preface I'll offer relates to the setting: Wing Bowl 2005 took place on the Friday morning before the Eagles' appearance in the Super Bowl against Tedy Bruschi! and the Patriots.

Hopes were stratospheric, Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb were still untouchable superheroes, and Bill "El Wingador" Simmons... with a victory, he could place himself on Philadelphia's Mount Rushmore, assuming his fat mug wasn't already on it.

Things were good back then.


So. With apologies for any profanities/obscenities/misogynies that follow:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

P.S. You Rock My World

My eels review finally sees the light of day.

I don't know that I like it now any more than I did when I wrote it, but... it's out there. Enjoy, I guess.

Similar to how I felt (and what I wrote) about the concert itself, I'm feeling up and down right now... about the review and in general. I think the weather, in particular, is really getting to me.

Witness my inability to write a single coherent sentence.

So... distractions are most welcome.


This is a great post, a guest post by Bradley of Bradley's Almanac, where he picks the best albums of 2006 that haven't been released yet.

I, too, had thought that Yo La Tengo title was a joke... but if it it legit, it may be the greatest album title in the history of ever.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Couldn't Wait

To post this link.

Jayson Stark should be applauded-- not for the sentiment, which should be shared by every rational human being on the planet-- but for the outrage he exhibits.

This whole Brett Myers incident is disgraceful for all involved, of course, but the Phillies' handling of it (or their lack of handling of it, I suppose) has been borderline insane.

Completely indefensible, Phils.

For the Love of God, Gene

Enough is enough, already.


Tens of thousands of indieboy jaws are down on the floor right now.

Fingers crossed, kids.


My old neighbor Dave Bissett (he of the world-famous "Dave and Melanie Bissetts") has himself a new blog, perhaps to mark his new Amish-themed turf.

Since turnabout is fair play, and as he used the phrase "mack daddy" several times... you should definitely clicky and say hello.

As I'll do now-- hi, Dave! Hi, Mel!


Speaking of my home state-- I trust you've been following the news about Brett Myers and the Phillies on ESPN (and/or CNN)?

To hell with both of 'em.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Catching Up

How 'bout that weather, huh?

Sick of talking about it yet? Sick of hearing about it by now? Well, you'd better not be... 'cause it's here to stay, brother.


In case you were wondering, I am still recovering from the weekend in Philly.

Tracy and Brian's wedding was beautiful in every way, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone again. At the reception, Tracy's dad got up and sang a song called "My Daughter Is A Bride" (or something like that), and... it was really, really, really moving.

If I were to say any more... you'd have some ammo to mock me with. And we wouldn't want that, now, would we?

Anyway-- what I was saying is that I'm still off my schedule. Very tired from the travel, though given what (who) my sister has in her life, now... I am no longer permitted to complain about being tired, ever again.

Speaking of, Ryan is the bomb, yo.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.



1. That sound you just heard? That was me, passing out.

How have I never seen this clip before?

2. Speaking of Radiohead (as usual), a strangely amusing bit here from eternally confused/confusing Andy Dick.

I know. Give it a chance, though. It's short.

3. Six-foot, seven inch English forwards... World Cup time or otherwise, is there anything they can't do?

4. Pavement made up a great song in no time at all.

Back in the day, they did this all the time, but the cameras weren't always rolling.

5. If you don't find at least ten videos here that you haven't thought about since their premiere... then you're not my friend.

Might I suggest the Alan Parsons Project? Christopher Cross? Perhaps some Ricky Gervais, back in his Seona Dancing days???

6. Mark Wahlberg as Vince Papale? Sure, yeah, whatever.

But Greg Kinnear as Dick Vermeil?

I simply don't know what to think. Except that the world needs more movies about the Philadelphia Eagles, of course.

7. Got Borat? Got Snakes?

8. In this day and age, this only qualifies as the fifth most bizarre clip of the week, despite the fact that it's very possibly the strangest thing I've ever seen.

Words fail me.

9. Back to something great... an oldie, but goodie.

God bless Steve Coogan.

10. Finally, noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

... Man Sleeping

Given what I'm going through with Comcast, as well as my own love of the eels... this guy (the one who made the video, not the technician) is my hero of the evening.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Breaking the Rules

Maybe it's because I'm too tired to care, but... a few quick pics of my nephew. And some random, greasy jerk who's holding onto Ryan for dear life (it was hot, what do you want?).

Ryan looks as though he'd rather be anywhere else, huh?

The end of a very long day. I think that at this point, Ryan is starting to enjoy my company. Either that, or he just loves Philly hotel rooms. Hard to know for sure.

All I do know is that my sister and my brother-in-law are great parents already. I hope to have their talents, someday.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Look At It This Way....

Things could always be worse.

Or weirder.

In fact, this may be the strangest story I've read in some time.


Gone wedding-ing; be back soon.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Thanks, Libby. Your sense of timing is better than you know.


Friends help out when a night goes sideways.

Like tonight.

So, even though you probably won't read this for another three weeks (wink #1), a HUGE thanks to Jeff and jackass Jen (wink #2) for letting me tag along. I thought the night was lost, but... you let me have my night back and then some.

So, yeah... you guys are the best... even if given the nature of what we talked about, we could be jailed in more than 38 countries.


It's been a while since my last post, and I've got some stuff to catch up on, but unfortunately, I might not be able to before I head up to Philly this weekend.

So, as a bit of a tease, a link to what may be my favoritest link in weeks (even if it means nothing to you, it means a shitload to me).


The thunderstorm outside is scaring the bejesus out of me. Time to go to bed.

Wish me luck. ;)

Monday, June 19, 2006


1) My live review of the eels show has been submitted, and barring any terribleness, will be available sometime this week.


2) Please read this Largehearted Boy post about the Mountain Goats, and then download the live version of "No Children" that you find there. Even if you've never heard the song before (that shouldn't be the case, by the way), I promise you, you will get douche chills.

Now, if you missed that reference, know that it was, indeed, a reference, and one of the favorite sayings of this man.

And if you were offended... well sorry, Charlie.

3) Also, to Fluxblog with you, for the wonderful Casey Dienel cover of "Cut Your Hair."

Not simply because it's great, but because I haven't mentioned Pavement in awhile.

4) Another sexy cover here, which... I won't spoil the surprise, but it is, indeed, too great for words. Top-lefthand portion of the page, if you don't immediately know where to look.

5) Yes, the World Cup is really that great. The only thing greater is (the Self-Destruction of) the Ultimate Warrior.

And 6)...

The Smartest, Do-Nothingest Georgia Peach We've Got

Things had been silent on the Stephen Colbert front for awhile. Thank God Andrew made me stand up and take note of Georgia's Eighth.

Or, at least, the rube who's heading it up.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cheer Up, Yo

If it weren't for the fact that he's had hundreds of them, this month alone, this would surely be Prince's finest hour (at 3:30 of the video, if you're impatient). Just ridiculous.

Hang in there, buddy.


By the way...

fIREHOSE - for the singer of r.e.m
a tribe called quest - check the rhime
digital underground - doowutchyalike
cassettes won't listen - cut your hair
beulah - silver lining


Apparently, I jinxed Phil. He choked on the last two holes, even harder than Monty did.

Yikes. Is there anything worse in golf than watching someone win a tournament after they've already signed their card?


Kudos to Gorilla Vs. Bear, by the way. In addition to being all-around wonderful, what with the 24/7 coverage of the newest of the bipping and the bopping, and the hipping and the hopping, Chris has been providing some stellar pics of the most impressive soccer fans at the World Cup.

Men, I urge you to click the link, and keep scrolling downward.

More of an Effort

Is what I need to put in here. I know. But I've been busy, dammit.

(1) I had a great time at the Yankees/Nationals game on Friday night with Chris, Noel and Kim;

(2) I had a great time on Saturday night hanging out with Teso and watching two great bouts; and

(3) I had a great time today watching more World Cup action than any American really should.

If you were to ask me, I'd tell you that the Czech Republic - Ghana match was one of the best soccer games I've ever seen, for well over 100 reasons. And that the U.S. - Italy match wasn't far behind.

And that last night's Jermaine Taylor/Winky Wright 12-rounder was one of the best fights I've ever seen.

And with any luck, I'm about to watch Mickelson close on the U.S. Open.


So, it was a good sports weekend. A bit too much time spent indoors, perhaps, but hey... that's what happens, sometimes.

Next weekend I'll be up in Philly for Tracey Radbill's weddding. Which just sounds impossibly weird, but will be almost impossibly great-- it'll be my first time seeing Ryan!


This is why I haven't written-- because I sound like a nutter.

But I figured I'd jot something down, before my Comcast Cable connection craps out again. I'm thisclose to urging a boycott. ;)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Treat Your Mother Right

Now that I know how to post videos, I insist that you dance with Mr. T, fool.

And of course... dig those shorts. Crikey.

Quiet Night, So...

So, I had a few plans fall through this evening. Sickly ex-co-worker here, friend with "better options" there... that's OK; shit happens. I ended up watching a few episodes of The Sopranos instead (hey-- I'm almost through with Season 3, now!). And one can never complain about seeing these guys:

Anyway, tomorrow night will be fun, as I'm going down to the ballpark to catch the Yankees lay waste to the Nats with Chris. And other stuff will come up this weekend, I'm sure... it always does.


Big, big, BIG win by England this morning. Sure, the UK press is all over the team for nearly getting their asses handed to them in these first two matches, but look at the results: two games, two wins. God forbid they should wake up, they could actually contend.

Terry's stop was the biggest play of the match. You had to see this to believe it:

Good to see the big guy get on track, Robo Dance or no Robo Dance. Lord knows Owen has continued to underachieve. So... thank goodness for Gerrard's clincher, which was a frickin' laser.

Fingers crossed for the second round. Let's hope everybody starts playing up. And let's hope I learn to record a match properly... for some reason, I botched the DVR recording for the first (and let's hope, last) time.


The job continues to go great. I feel like I'm learning new things every day, and... it's been an amazing thing to head into the office and look forward to the day in front of me.

Not to say that's an entirely new sentiment... but this job... its an entirely different animal than what I had going on before. Simply an all-around better fit, and light years away from the dark ages spent working in my loft, by myself.

Virtual jobs may work for some people, but me? I ain't never goin' back dere again.


For those of you who check Lifehacker out every day (link on the side), this won't be such a shock.

But for the technophobes among us... you gotta admit, this is a neat little gizmo for Gmail.


The long in-the-works adaptation of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay continues to concern me.

Michael, please don't torpedo one of my favorite novels of all time. There's simply no need.


Deep breath... of liquid nitrogen.



Haven't posted a video on here in a day, so... here's a link to one of my favorites of all time.

Though come to think of it, there are at least five other Radiohead videos that could compete.

* Fake Plastic Trees

* Just

* Street Spirit

* Paranoid Android

* Karma Police

Yeah, I couldn't even get past OK Computer and I named five classics. And I probably missed one or two pre-Kid A videos, didn't I?

Damn, they're good.


Which is not to say that they don't argue amongst themselves... they're only human, after all.


By the way... has anybody heard this yet?


This is kinda clever, I guess, even if it gets more than a little annoying after the first minute or so.


Finally, I can't even begin to tell you how awesome everything about this post is.

Indie comedians rule.


Happy birthday, Michelle!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Hurricane," by Division Day

Come on, now.

Witness the new Division Day video, and fall prey to their extensive (nay, boundless) charms. I've been talking about them for so long that my jaw has all but fallen off... but this sinister little ditty is something special.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

And when you do, be sure to tell your friends.

"Hurricane," by Division Day.

Nothin' Goin' On But the Rent

Shortie this morning. Not because I don't have the time to write, but because I don't have much to say. Last night was all about (both of) you, anyway-- not me.


If you need some karma... well... maybe you could help save Dustin Diamond.

(thanks, Ilise!)


Welcome back, Chris.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Ben Bonehead

Yeah, Rob, I said it.

I woke up yesterday morning to a great Ben Roethlisberger interview on WIP. Nice guy, nothing but class... the hosts wanted to adopt him by the end.

I came home yesterday to the news that Big Ben might be lost for the season, following a motorcycle accident. News sites have pictures of his "pool of blood." Pro Football Talk suggests that the major media news reports of 6-7 weeks out with a jaw injury are waaaaaaay optimistic.

This news would be tragic, were it not for the fact that Big Ben has noted on multiple occasions that he strongly prefers to go helmetless. Especially because it's simply not the law in Pennsylvania that one has to wear a helmet.

Well, there you go.

Someone change this law, please. We don't need thousands of dead Steelers fans on our hands.


Holy crap, it's the trailer for the new Borat movie!


Speaking of which... even if they're obviously sick of the song, Borat + Star Wars costumes + Gnarls Barkley = performance of the year candidate.




Best web sites I found yesterday?

3) You Ain't No Picasso provided an MP3 of The Boy Least Likely To covering George Michael's "Faith," complete with banjo;

2) Stereogum and MOKB gave us the new Raconteurs video, complete with Paul Reubens (not as Pee Wee, mind); and

1) This guy brought us Jackson Pollock. Start clicking and moving, and enjoy.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good Weekend


* a fun happy hour with my new co-workers;
* hanging out with Jeff and Karen at my place on Friday night;
* waking up to watch England's first World Cup match (a 1-0 win);
* getting together with Andy for the second half of the match (in a Rosslyn Hyatt, strangely enough), as well as the Nats-Phils game at RFK;
* catching up with Jay, Jenna and Pia at the game;
* the Phils coming from behind to win with a 5-run 8th inning;
* getting a Chad Cordero bobblehead, which kinda scares me to look at;
* some eps of Entourage;
* getting a call from Jeff and the chance to speak with the one-and-only ENZO;
* a night with Jay and Jenna at Ten Penh and some Irish pub;
* getting back somewhere around 2:30-3:00am;
* brunch with Al for the first time in way too long;
* learning that Patton Oswalt is coming to the State Theatre August 18th;
* heading to the 9:30 Club to see the Eels tonight.

Yep. A very good weekend.


Samuel L. Jackson can't contain his enthusiasm for Snakes on a Plane.

None of us can, Sam. None of us can.


Did you know that Steven Seagal is on tour right now?

He's a bluesman.

Yeah, incredible, I know. But it's the truth.

Did you also know that he has a two-volume biography available?


Like a car accident... you can't help but look.

I suppose it could have been much worse, but still... it's pretty uncomfortable.


I don't know what the hell this is... but it seems like a good cause.

Won't you please help?



Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup

The World Cup starts today. Which means that, if only temporarily, I'm upset to have a job.



Suffice it to say, my DVR is going to be working OT over the next few weeks.

As that is the case... no spoilers, please. I'll be watching almost all of these matches on tape, since they are scheduled to air between 9am and 5pm EST. If any of you jerkasses come at me with "how 'bout those Saudis" before I'm ready to discuss those Saudis... well, I'll be forced to give you a red card.

And there it is, friends: the lamest thing I've ever written.


lupe fiasco - kick push
radiohead - down is the new up
beck - soldier jane
coldplay - can't get you out of my head
midlake - we gathered in spring

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Short of Breath/A Short Post

Team America: World Police killed a very bad man, apparently.


On a completely different note, witness the power of Aziz Ansari as he interviews Thom Yorke (well, sorta) to get to the bottom of The Eraser.


Belated anniversary wishes to Chris and Noel, and non-belated anniversary wishes to Mike and Marie, who I hope to see again in the next five years.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Killing Andy's Blog, or "Andy's Blog Is Killing Me"

Vote in the comments... should I remove Andy's blog from the links found on the right-hand side of this page?

I mean, the guy hasn't written anything in almost five months. And people are BANGING DOWN MY DOORS for that space!!!

Not really.

But I would like him to update that site. What, having a small child and another on the way in addition to a full-time job and a seven-hour commute every single day means that the boy can't write?

Come on, now!!!


Holy shit.


Work is still terrific, thanks for asking.


Hey, Steph?


The First Day

Yesterday, my first day at LEGALSOURCE (yep, they spell it in CAPS), was best explained to me by one of my co-workers:

"Well, you picked one hell of a day to start, huh?"

She was smiling when she said it.

I think.

Everything's completely fine, don't worry... and I certainly won't bore you with the details... but the day was a whirlwind, and would have been unbelievably eventful to me if I had a clue as to what was going on half the time.

As you might imagine, I had a lot of substance and admin thrown my way.

By night's end (8:30pm or so, with an unusually early start this morning, both due to a late order that needed to be filled for this morning), I was being told by everyone that this sort of hectic day/late rush happens all of a few times a year, at most, and that I shouldn't be scared off.

I wasn't.

Not at all.


The big picture, then:

* I like my co-workers;
* I like my office;
* I like the locaton; and
* I like the work that I'm going to be doing.

My most direct supervisor took me out for lunch, then apologized for it not being a "legit" welcome aboard lunch... telling me that that would come very soon.

All I could think was-- when was the last time any employer of mine paid for my lunch, let alone two? ;)


By day's end, I'd had the opportunity to work with everyone in the office, sit in on an interview, make some calls... and so I'm thinking that there will be more than enough work to keep me busy.

Which is more than I've been able to say for some jobs.

This also means that, in the beginning, Internet accessibility will be relatively minimal. After all, I need to get the bathroom key (and the bathrooms are very nice, keeping my theory alive, btw) before I get busted for porn, right?

So please... bear with me. I'll try to communicate by smoke signals in the interim.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Number of the Beast

Easy, Jeff and Andrew-- I'm simply wishing everyone a happy 6/6/06. It wasn't meant to be an Iron Maiden reference or anything... so just cool yer jets.


Just a quick post to ask you to please keep your fingers crossed for me today-- what with it being my first day at the new job and all. Everything will be fine, undoubtedly-- I've simply got those natural "first day" jitters. You'd have thought yesterday's massage would have knocked 'em all out of me... but nope. They're still there. :)

Great massage, though.


I had another good night with Jeff last night. He gave me a call as I was coming back from my appointment at about 8pm or so, and out we went. We ended up having dinner at Harry's, which is always a good thing, especially when you're sitting outside on a gorgeous night.

It was really very romantic.

Wait, what?


I doubt you caught it, but the final period of last night's hockey (Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals) was so good that it made me want to care about the sport again.

Not really.


Have a great day!

Monday, June 05, 2006

"You Heave, You Leave"

That was one of my favorite Wing Bowl rules, and it was pretty much a catch-phrase of Eric Gregg's.

Granted, he should be remembered for more than a silly phrase, but those words always brought a smile... to me and to thousands of Philadelphians, at the very least.

We're gonna miss you, big guy. Rest in peace.

Oh, It's Just Another Monday Morning

... do it all over again...


Good morning, and welcome to day 156 of this, the 2006th year of our Lord. Or something like that.

I'm feeling good, mostly because I have the day off. I start the new job tomorrow, see, and my boss asked if I could come in a day late because he's going to be in and out of the office all day today. This way, he can focus his love and attention on me all day tomorrow.

So, a day off. Hooray!


I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent a good deal of mine outdoors, just walking and/or sauntering around when the weather permitted. And although we were largely spared the rain that we'd been warned about, the heat... oy vey, baby.

Thankfully, that broken thermostat in my apartment got fixed (at least, I think it did... the note that the apartment staff left was incomprehensible), and so my place has been pretty cool, over the past day or two (sorry, Jeff).

When the heat was at it worst? I finished off season 2 of The Sopranos. So, shed no tears for me.

Had a pair of fun nights over the weekend, one just hanging out on the porch with Jeff, drinking beers, and the other out with Jay and Jenna (Tim and Julie?) at Faccia Luna and Tallula.

Good times.

And I also got quite a bit done over the weekend, around the apartment, so that made me feel pretty good as well.


This afternoon... I'll be getting a pre-career-switch massage to get me off on the right foot. The poor woman who'll be helping me out (!) used to be a professional soccer player, and (I believe) was on the US National Team at one point.

So that's cool.


By the way-- welcome back, Chris and Noel!


So. Coming off a week where we made VH-1 our little bitch (check out the last post), Harmonium continues the momentum by publishing... another one of my crap-ass reviews.

It's been awhile since I've had anything up, and it might be another while to go (unless the Comcast guy who's supposedly coming over this morning can work some magic), so... get it while you can.

See, when Jed gets albums from the record companies, he puts them online for the reviewers, as opposed to mailing the albums all over the country. Trouble is, my internet connection has been so shoddy that, invariably, the connection breaks up mid-way through my download.

In other words... unless I get this fixed, I might have to start shopping at Sam Goody.

And no one should ever be forced to do that.


You could find this at Sam Goody, speaking of.

Bar none, one of my most favoritest teen summer anthems with a video where corporatistas get thrown in cages, ever.


Questionable content for work, here, so be careful... but a friend of mine was nice enough to forward this along, in case any of you are looking for gift ideas.

I don't know that it's for you, either, but... maybe someone you know would like one?


Same guy recommended this place to me, up in College Park.

Any thoughts? Reviews?


Exceptionally important information THAT YOU CAN USE can be found here.

Or not.


You tells 'em, Chaloots.


Say a prayer for Wing Bowl Commissioner, National League umpire and all-around good guy Eric Gregg, please.


captain beefheart - old fart at play
tom waits - underground
beulah - emma blowgun's last stand
eels - can't help falling in love
mission of burma - academy fight song

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Swan Attack

Old footage, true, but... completely worth a post.

And... SCENE.

Yesterday was my last day on the old job. I actually made it to the finish line.

Which means that now, I have three days (I start on Tuesday) to relax, to research, to prep before the new career begins.

And I'm excited. More excited when the A/C is working, more excited when a breeze comes through, but beggars can't be choosers. Even when it's mind-meltingly hot outside (and inside as well, damned thermostat!)... I'm still thrilled.

Closure and a fresh start, all in the span of several days.

Good times.


Nothing much has been going on, as of late. For the first time in awhile, I've spent more time "in" than "out," whether it's been because of the weather or plain 'ol laziness.

Which has been fine-- it's been my own decision.

I've been very tired, and content to just veg out.



As you (should) know, World Cup is right around the corner. Prep for it by watching this clip of a Polish keeper letting in a goal... off the foot of the opposing goaltender.


Look, ma! Harmonium made (the website of) Best Week Ever!!!


Speaking of, have you searched for, found, and fell in love with Lily Allen yet?

What are you waiting for? Seek out "Knock 'Em Out" and "LDN" pronto!


Indie workout nerds (Ryan, Jill, others)-- did you see this?


Nearly missed this... "this" meaning the announcement of The Crane Wife.


Shades of Strange Brew. God bless this (alleged) extortionist for making me laugh out loud yesterday.


A repository of Itchy and Scratchy "epidodes."


No way!!!


Quickie #1 (featuring Hulk Hogan???)

Quickie #2 (shit blows up real special-like)


Lazy post, I know, but hopefully some of the links made you laugh.