Saturday, June 03, 2006

And... SCENE.

Yesterday was my last day on the old job. I actually made it to the finish line.

Which means that now, I have three days (I start on Tuesday) to relax, to research, to prep before the new career begins.

And I'm excited. More excited when the A/C is working, more excited when a breeze comes through, but beggars can't be choosers. Even when it's mind-meltingly hot outside (and inside as well, damned thermostat!)... I'm still thrilled.

Closure and a fresh start, all in the span of several days.

Good times.


Nothing much has been going on, as of late. For the first time in awhile, I've spent more time "in" than "out," whether it's been because of the weather or plain 'ol laziness.

Which has been fine-- it's been my own decision.

I've been very tired, and content to just veg out.



As you (should) know, World Cup is right around the corner. Prep for it by watching this clip of a Polish keeper letting in a goal... off the foot of the opposing goaltender.


Look, ma! Harmonium made (the website of) Best Week Ever!!!


Speaking of, have you searched for, found, and fell in love with Lily Allen yet?

What are you waiting for? Seek out "Knock 'Em Out" and "LDN" pronto!


Indie workout nerds (Ryan, Jill, others)-- did you see this?


Nearly missed this... "this" meaning the announcement of The Crane Wife.


Shades of Strange Brew. God bless this (alleged) extortionist for making me laugh out loud yesterday.


A repository of Itchy and Scratchy "epidodes."


No way!!!


Quickie #1 (featuring Hulk Hogan???)

Quickie #2 (shit blows up real special-like)


Lazy post, I know, but hopefully some of the links made you laugh.

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ryan said...

I have an easier time running to the three songs that come before "Hopeless," actually.